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Hunt and Upwards - south coast
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Author:  gmitchell [ Sun Dec 09, 2012 12:21 pm ]
Post subject:  Hunt and Upwards - south coast

One set of my my GG grandparents were a Noah Hunt and Mary Anne Upwards (maiden name). I know that Noah Hunt's parents were Alfred and Martha Hunt from Pushthrough and that Noah and his family (with another wife Elizabeth Collier) moved to Louisburg, Cape Breton near the close of the nineteenth century.
However, I have very little on the ancestors of Mary Ann Upwards who, at one time, was widowed from a Phillip Lee (Leigh), born in the Jersey Isles (St Hellier's) after having three children, and she also married John Duffney from here at Woods Island in the Bay of Islands, NL, with whom she had four more children.
I am interested in any pre 1850 records from these two family names (Hunt and Upwards) from the south coast fo Newfoundland.
Any and all help appreciated.
Greg Mitchell

Author:  ride+1825 [ Thu Dec 13, 2012 4:59 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Hunt and Upwards - south coast

Burgeo Baptisms
St. Thomas Church of England Parish
Noah Hunt
born- no date given
place- Pushthrough
parents- Alfred and Martha
baptised- April 22,1835
place- Pushthrough

Elizabeth Hunt
baptised- Aug. 21,1855
parents- Alfred and Martha
place- Ramea

Maria Hunt
baptised- Sept. 10,1856
parents- Alfred and Martha
place- Ramea

Burgeo Marriages
Thomas Warren Bachelor Ramea Witnesses- John Cunningham
Sarah Hunt Spinster Ramea Witnesses- Alfred Hunt Christopher Dicks
date of marriage- Sept. 13,1858

Noah Hunt Bachelor Ramea Witnesses- John Cunningham
Elizabeth Collier Spinster Lower Burgeo Witnesses- John Windsor George Collier
date of marriage- Sept. 9,1862

Author:  cameha2 [ Sun Dec 16, 2012 11:05 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Hunt and Upwards - south coast

From the book "Ramea's Family Tree" by Victor G and Victor Kendall;
The Hunt Family, comprising three brothers and a sister, Sarah, came to Ramea late in the first wave of Settlers. Whether they came to the island directly from the Hermitage-Fortune Bay area or by way of White Bear Bay cannot be determined. However, they were most probably related to people in Burgeo. Their stay in Ramea was rather short for all except Noah had left the island before 1871 and settled elseware. Around the turn of the century Noah and his family had moved to Sydney, Nova Scotia. Nevertheless, Noah himself will always be remembered in Ramea for his reputation as a teller of tall tales and for the little islet in the area that bears his name.

Alfred Nathanial Hunt married Martha (unknown)
Thomas, married Mary Jane James, 14 Sept 1871
Elizabeth (Bapt. 21 Aug 1855) married a Richards, in 1882 a widow, she married Francois Benoit
Maria (Bapt 10 Sept 1856)

George Hunt married Eliza Dicks married 16 Sept 1858

Noah Hunt married Elizabeth Collier 9 Sept 1862
Berthana (bapt 2 May 1864) had a child, Frederick Thomas Hunt (b. 17 July 1887, Bapt 24 Aug 1888)
Martha Jane (b. 16 June 1867, Bapt. 21 June 1867)
Jessie (Bapt. 4 Dec 1870)
1871-1879 records lost in a shipwreck
Angelina (b. 12 June 1884 Bapt. July 1884)

Author:  gmitchell [ Sun Jan 06, 2019 12:31 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Hunt and Upwards - south coast

These records for the Hunt family are a great help in my searching, but I have very little on Mary Ann Upwards.
In addition to what I have written previously, I have found that she had three children and was admitted to hospital several times in St Helliers (Jersey Isles) between 1857 and 1863. Some time after this period she was widowed by Phillippe Leigh (Lee) who had been lost at sea (from family oral tradition). Mary Ann Upwards (Lee) then appears in the records at Petites, LePoile, in 1868 where she birthed a child (Eliza Hunt/Lee - my great grandmother) whose father was Noah Hunt from Ramea/Burgeo area.
Mary Ann Upwards subsequently moves to Woods Island (Bay of Islands) where she marries Johannes Duffney (Duffenais) and gives birth to four more children. She dies some time shortly after 1878 at Wood's Island. I have no death or cemetery records for her.

I can also find no records beside the birth and hospital records for her at St Hillier's (JI), and I do not know if she was a native of the Jersey Isles, or whether she was a born Newfoundlander.
Any help in tracking her birth would be greatly appreciated!
Greg Mitchell

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