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Interpretation of information on book of plantation
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Author:  sroy [ Sun Jan 03, 2021 11:13 am ]
Post subject:  Interpretation of information on book of plantation


I am involved in the genealogy hunt of the Crummey's of Western Bay. Today, the oldest information we have regarding the Crummey's is from the plantation records of 1805 for Conception Bay.

In the record, we have the following information:

Name and Description of the Room or Other Erections, with Its Exact Boundaries: Joseph Crummy, William Crummy and James Crummy 96 yds. from E. to West bounded on the E. and W. by John Evans 180 yds. from H.W.M. 8 to the W. bounded on the S. by the Brook 1/2 S. 3 F. 8 H. 2 G. 1 M. A Plot the sole property of Joseph Crommy 76 yds. from E. to W. 43 yds. S. to North. Cut out of the woods.

Name-and-Residence of the Party Claiming Right to the Same: Jos. Crummy Wm. Crummy Jas. Crummy

The Nature of that Claim:
By deed of Gift from their father.

Name and Residence of the Present Occupier: Jos. Crummy Wm. Crummy Jas. Crummy

Whether-Built, Sold or Leased at the Time of this Entry: not sold or leased

Date of this entry: 1790 1793

Complete information is listed in section 167 on

By my interpretation, Joseph, William and James inherited from their father (which name is not cited) from the mentionned properties in 1790. Then, in 1793, another declaration was made by Joseph regarding a piece of land cut out of the woods for which he was the sole owner. Do you agree with this interpretation of the record?

Also, I would be interested in having some opinion of archivists or historians regarding the propriety which was given by the Crummey's father. It is stated 8 houses. Yet, the Crummey's do not appear to be among the earlier settlers in Newfoundland and we suppose that the first Crummey(s) settled in Newfoundland in the 1760's or 1770's. I haven't seen many other person owing 8 houses at that time so I am wondering how it is possible. What were the means to become owner in the 1770's? Were proprieties given to new settlers?

I would be grateful for any hints to help me in my research.


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