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Hawco & Furey (Jersey) Family Names, CBN
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Author:  ladynewfie [ Wed Mar 23, 2016 6:01 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Hawco & Furey (Jersey) Family Names, CBN

"At the head of Conception Bay are Holyrood and Harbour Main, containing a population of about 800 each. At Chapel Cove, an abundance of Limestone is found. The lands are extensively cultivated, and large quantities of vegetables are raised. There is a Roman Catholic Church in each place with schools.The original inhabitants of these places were from England and Jersey, and their descendants informed me that they had been brought up in the Church of England, but owing to their not being visited by any Protestant Minister they were induced to join the Roman Catholic Church. Mr.Ezekiel, an English Jew, informed me that he had joined the Roman Catholic Church for the same * Owners of fishing establishments are called planters. reason. He is now dead, and, I believe, has left a numerous family. These places are now principally inhabited by persons from the " Emerald Isle " and natives."

Tocque, Philip (2014-01-27). Newfoundland: as it was, and as it is in 1877 (Kindle Locations 2252-2256). . Kindle Edition.

Author:  JAM [ Wed Apr 27, 2016 10:30 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Hawco & Furey (Jersey) Family Names, CBN


The notes on Jerripedia regarding the possible Jersey origins of Furey in Harbour Main are mine. I have an interest in Channel Island surnames of Newfoundland of which I believe Furey is one. Hawco is most likely another. Seary reports Hawco as a variant of the Jersey surname Hacquoil, a belief shared by Lemessurier. Hocquard is another common Jersey surname which seems as much or more likely to be the original name, and there are several other possibilities (Hocart of Guernsey, for example).

IMO, Hawco most likely originated as Hocquard. Per the Harbour Grace customs records for 1770-1794 (John Munn & Co. Harbour Grace Fonds, Maritime History Archives) Charles Hoquard, captain of the Jersey ship Liberty, owned by Peter Malet, was in port in Habour Grace 1789 and 1790; There were also several other ships owned by Hocguard - either a phonetic spelling of Hocquard or my own misreading of the handwriting. The Two Friends was also in port in 1790 and 1791, captain J. or Jos. Hocguard, owner Peter Hocguard - the vessel was bound for Jersey but registered in Newfoundland. By the early 19th century in the Plantation book records, Wm. & Thos. Hawko are in possession of property bequeathed to them in not-too-distant Harbour Main by their father John in 1785 - a date fairly close to the customs records. John's will may provide definitive proof of Jersey origins but I have not seen it.

As a point of interest, in addition to participating in the Newfoundland fishery, in Jersey the family seems to have been engaged in privateering, as there were two privateer captains surnamed Hocquard in the late 18th and early 19th century.

If you know of any family traditions or records linking either of these surnames to the Channel Islands (or indeed other Channel Island surnames) I would be interested in hearing of them.

Jennifer Murray

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