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Slate Quarrymen from North Wales surname Jones
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Author:  eithin [ Sun Sep 22, 2019 5:22 pm ]
Post subject:  Slate Quarrymen from North Wales surname Jones

I have been lead to believe that ancestors of mine came to work in the Slate Quarries in Newfoundland. I am trying to find out where they might have worked and lived.

Owen John Jones was a quarryman from the Dinorwic Quarry in North Wales and he and his sons John Owen Jones and Robert Owen Jones, supposedly travelled over to Newfoundland to work, perhaps other sons also?

I am also trying to track them sailing back and forth from the UK probably Liverpool to where? Did ships sail to and from St John and the UK?

John Owen Jones emigrated from St John Newfoundland 17th November 1900 to New York
Robert Owen Jones followed his brother to the States in 1901.

I now live in Ontario Canada after leaving North Wales in 2000.
Any information and help would be gratefully received.
Christine (nee Jones)

Author:  ceadams [ Tue Dec 24, 2019 9:33 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Slate Quarrymen from North Wales surname Jones

Slate quarries have operated intermittently in Newfoundland since the 1840s employing Welsh slaters. A quarry owned by the Bennett family operated briefly in Bay Roberts, Conception Bay in the late 1840s. Another slate quarry, owned by the Carberry family began operations in Nut Cove, Smith Sound, Trinity Bay in the 1850s. A third quarry owned by the Currie family and operated by Welsh workers began operation on adjacent property in the 1860s.
In 1899 the Carberrys sold their quarry to A.J. Harvey of St. John's, who purchased the Currie property the following year.The Harveys with the help of additional Welsh workers modernized and expanded operations, increasing production.However a fire destroyed much of the property and a weak market led to the closure of the opewration in 1906.
Other attempts to establish two separate slate quarries on the west coast of Newfoundland at Birchy Cove ( now Curling) and Summerside in the early 1900s suffered a similar fate.
Work towards the development of the Summerside site began in 1901 with production commencing in 1903. Meanwhile by 1907 up to 50 Welsh and Newfoundland workers were involved in developing deposits at Birchy Cove and in constructing tramways and buildings. Cash shortages and poor markets led to closure the following year.
This information is from the Encyclopedia of Newfoundland and Labrador Volume Five.
Looking at the dates your forbearers were in Newfoundland it is possible they worked with the Harvey family at the Smith Sound quarry.
My guess is that there was quite regular shipping between Britain and Newfoundland.
Trust this assists you with your search.

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