Looking to find relatives Blake that are native.
Good day fellow genealogists
I am looking for a Coombs that would have married an Mary Elizabeth Emberley born September 12, 1874 in Spoon Cove and they had a daughter Violet. If any Coombs are related to this Emberley I have lots of info on the Emberleys.
Foreman, Samuel
Born in England, April 20 1822, died in Kegaska (Quebec) on July 18, 1909.

Around 1855, arrived in Kegaska from Nova Scotia with his family and few families from NewFoundland.

His wife is Ann Murray, sometimes known as the niece of Mgr. Connelly.

Looking for any information on his arrival in Kegaska or Nova Scotia or NewFoundland.
Info St. Lawrence Molloy fam 1880's - Son Thomas (Michael &
Hi, I would appreciate any info on the Molloy family of St Lawrence for the 1800's - 1900's.
Thomas Molloy, the son of Michael Molloy and Mary Kirby, was baptized at the RC Church of St. Thomas on 25 Jan. 1881. Thomas is my wife's grandfather.

Any info regarding Michael Molloy and/or Mary Kirby and their families will be very much appreciated.

Thomas emigrated to the USA in June 1908 - at 27 years of age. His immigration records to the US indicate that he arrived...
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Richard Greenslade - Long Pond Harbour Main South
Hi all,

I'm hoping that someone has some information they can share with me. I am looking for some missing Newfoundland ancestors.

I have the Greenslade ancestry for my father, grandfather but not completely for my great grandfather. Parent (dad was George 1931-2002) & grandfather (also George 1901-1971) & great grandfather (Richard 1856-1928) were located in Long Pond Harbour Main.

I'm looking for any information on Richard Greenslade before the...
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Hi folks,

I've been trying for years to find out more about the MacLean side of my family. The family "history" was that my Great-Grandfather Richard MacLean came with his brother from Scotland and settled in Springdale, Newfoundland in the late 1800's. The brother was said to have gone on to Nova Scotia. But according to my research, my Great-Grandfather Richard MacLean was actually born in Carbonear, NL in 1851 (1847 according to...
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Blanch(e) Family
Looking for information on birth of Barnabus Blanch who may have been born in Newfoundland around 1814 to Michael Blanch and Bridgit Fitzgerald (Fitzpatrick). Barnabus moved to New Brunswick and married and raised a family.
CORBIN. I am seeking information on Corbin. A female (possibly Margaret or Catherine) b. approx 1815 married William FLYNN/FLINN, likely at Burin Peninsula, Argentina or Placenta Bay.

At least one of her and William's children, Mary, born 1843, lived in Bar Haven and raised a family of eight there, with her husband Joseph FARRELL, a Trader from Beau Bois. There are no Corbins in Bar Haven, so I don't think Margaret/Catherine was from there.

The other children of Wm...
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Durnford Family South Coast
Hi there,

I am just getting started into looking into my family history from my mom's side of the family.
We are from McCallum, Newfoundland, down towards Hermitage and Harbour Breton.

Wondering if anyone has any information on the Family.

Benjamin and Olive Durnford.
Their Children:
Hartley Durnford (Susan Buffett)
Wilson Durnford (Rose)
Maude Durnford (Max Cutler)
Ruth Durnford (Robert Morris)

They were from Lock's...
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Clarke-Drake (Burin Peninsula/Fortune Bay area)
I am trying to uncover some more details about the Drake-Clarke connections from my maternal grandmother's side of the family, Mary Clarke from (Little) St. Lawrence:

Her mother is Frances Drake (b. 1869, married John Clarke), parents Michael Drake and Mary Fitzpatrick... Michael's parents are likely Thomas Drake and Bridget Fitzgerald.

Her father is John Clarke (married Frances Drake) mother's name may have been Mary Drake (parents unknown) and father's name may have...
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Amelia Emberley
I am reaching my husband's maternal grandmother's family Emberley/Emberley of Bay de Verde. Thomas Emberley born in 1843 has 3 wives listed. The first is Amelia and I am unable to find any information on her other than she was born in Canada . They had one child Jessie Louisa. Jessie was born 24 November 1872.
His second marriage was to Mary Anne Barnes with no marriage date available yet their only child Elizabeth Anne was born 8 May 1874. Mary Anne died in 1877. Thomas then married...
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Miriam Mosdell
Can anyone help with Miriam history ?
Albert Lush,Michaels Harbour
Looking for info on Albert, born about 1898 and Susanna Lush,Chrildren, Pearce died in 2001,Bay Roberts,Kenneth unknown,Blanch unknown any help would be appreciated
Prince Family of Bonavista
I can't find a search feature to see if info has already been posted.

My family came from Princeton on the Bonavista.

I have viewed the info here but in spite of having settled in the area in the late 1700's there is very little Prince family information.

Info is appreciated.
Andrews family name, Heart's Desire
Looking for information re a Sophia Andrews (born 1869), of Heart's Desire.