Hello from the US
Hello, this site has been tremendously helpful so far. I am researching my great grandparents who immigrated to the US from Newfoundland in the early 1900s. Noah Gill from Pinchards Island and Ethel Pearcey (I believe from Little Catalina). Thanks for having me!
Introduction Mark from Norfolk in UK
Hi my name is Mark.

I have been researching my grand father Thomas Latham who flew in Halifaxes in WW2. I have written his biography and am in the process of tying up some loose ends.

My grand father was a flight engineer and flew with 76 462 and 102 Squadrons. One of the crew who he flew 31 ops with was a G Miles. I believe this person to be Garland Ashton Miles who is listed in your records , service number 798568. It would appear he remained in UK and married Joyce M F...
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Farrell Genealogy
My father was Thomas Farrell, born 1891 in Baie du Nord NF. His father was William
Farrell married to Bridget (her last name, I do not know, but I think it was either
Farrell or Lundrigan). I'm trying to do a genealogy on the Farrell's but very difficult
with so many... I think but not sure that William Farrell had brothers
Phillip and who else not sure...I think Phillip's sons were Simeon married to Martha
Fitzpatrick and perhaps a Joseph and a Benjamin. My father had...
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I am looking for any information on Michael Mansfield married to Mary Ann Laracy. May have been misspelled as Larrissey. Both were from Harbour Main, Newfoundland. They had 5 children, Catherine (my Grandmother), Margaret, Gertrude, Veronica and Jeremiah, known as Jerry. Catherine and Margaret were born in Harbour Maine area, while the others were born in St. John's. I do believe that the Laracy's may also lived on Bell Island. One of the relatives had a souvenir store on Water St., St....
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Just registered. Looking for info on Edward Sutton family. BVD
Ivey family Newfoundland
New to Newfoundland Grand Banks ivey family of St. John’s
New to this site
Hi my name is Pauline. I'm searching for 17th century information on a particular family and am not sure how to post or to which Forum I should be posting.

I'm trying to trace the origins of a prisoner from Placentia captured by the French and carried back to Quebec in 1697. The name in Quebec is Joseph Thomas-Ouillem. The Ouillem is a frenchized version of William. A 12 year old English boy was captured in 1697. When he was baptized in 1698 he is said to be originally from Isle of...
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My name is Janice Clark Barr. I grew up in the Boston, Massachusetts area and currently live in Rhode Island. My Newfoundland ancestors were born in Mobile and and St John’s.
I will post more information in the surnames and looking for forums.
James Neville - Topsail
I am researching my great grand father James Neville from Topsail, NL. He had a daughter, my grandmother Anne Neville who married David Snyder in Sydney, Nova Scotia ion 1900. He was from Halfway Cove,Guysborough Co. N.S. She passed away in 1925 and is buried in Queensport, Guysboroguh Co., N.S. i believe her mother was Mary Kent from Belle Island. Anyone with information please contact me.
Information on Samuel Bennett who lived in Port au Bras NL
I’m looking for information on Samuel Bennett 1817-1881 he died at Port au Bras Newfoundland married Mary Ann Saunders 1819- Children Eliza 1843- John 1845-1914 Jane 1847- and William 1860. I think he may have been born in Placenta Bay maybe Rock Harbour?

Thanks for any help.
Lyons of Newfoundland
I have been using this site as a means of tracing my husband's family and have found it quite resourceful. I appreciate all of the work that has gone into making this site and feel that this message board might be a good way of making connections to others with knowledge of the Lyons' of Newfoundland.
hello, I'm newly registered to this site. I'm seeking information about Elsie Scott or Grace Scott of Little Bay East, NL. I may be related and would like to learn more about my family history. If anyone is interested in sharing the Scott family history, I'd really like to connect. I live in St. John's. Thank you.
Family history
Hi There, I've just registered to the site.
I just came across my grandmother's birth certificate, all of sudden the background info I thought was gone is now possible to track down. I am looking for information on the Turner family of Lower Island Cove. In the course of 3 generations her line has gone from the east coast to the west coast, making the family literally a family of Canada.
Anybody who can help me out, or send me in the right direction I would greatly appreciate hearing...
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Hello from Okotoks, AB - Chris Reid
Hello All,
I was born on Bell Island, NL in 1949. My ancestral family names include: Reid, Brien, Woodford, Hogan, Hibbs, Cahill, Fry, Churchill. For the most part, my ancestors resided in: Bell Island, Portugal Cove, Carbonear, Northern Bay, Red Head Cove and Bay de Verde areas.

My family tree on Ancestry.com currently features 2,200 folks. My great grand parents, John Reid/ Margaret Brien and Philip Woodford/Abbie Hogan were all born in the Carbonear area in the mid...
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Gillingham, Hole, Hurlstone, Greenstock
Good morning from Devon, UK. I have reaserched the surnames Gillingham, Hole, Hurlstone and Greenstock for many years. These are all names from the west country - Devon, Somerset and Dorset - and at least 3 of them made their way to Newfoundland over the years.

I would very much like to exchange information with anyone who is also studying these families.

Look forward to meeting you,