Branton family
Posted before but trying looking for family/info on William Branton of Hants Harbour...he was married to Louisa, (had one son I know father George Newman Branton)...she died in 1938(not sure of the date) His second wife was Maude....any pics or info greatly appreciated....TIA..
Doyle, Susan Veronica
I'm researching a family background for Susan Veronica Doyle. She was born 1 Oct 1893 (although actual year varies in US census documents) in St John's and immigrated into the US on 29 Sep 1901. She lived in Providence, RI and eventually married a William Jones. Prior to her marriage, while living in Providence, she lived at the same address as her aunt Aunt Ann Whitaway (or Whiteway). Her Aunt was also from Newfoundland and was born 1860 +/-. Any information or guidance would be appreciated.
Mullally from St. John's
My great great grandfather was James Mullally born around 1830. I don't know where he was born but he married Johanna Walsh at the Basilica in 1871 which was witnessed by William Mullally who I assume was a relative.
Hunt family from Holyrood
My great great grandmother was Johanna Hunt from Holyrood. She married Israel Squires at the Basilica in 1871. I believe she was born around 1844. Looking for info on her parents and siblings.
John Mercer Family

I'm looking for information regarding the Mercer family is Bryant's Cove/Upper Island Cove/Harbour Grace/Spaniard's Bay. Specifically, I am looking for information on John Mercer's family. He died on the SS Southern Cross (there were two - I am looking for the one from the Upper Island Cove area) and I am struggling to find info on his family. John Mercer is often connected to an Elijah Mercer and Mary Mercer who had numerous children but according to my grandfather, he only...
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Hibbs / Barlett of Bell Island and surrounding areas.
Hi there

I am doing my tree and having a hard time getting information past my 2nd Great Grandfather Samuel Hibbs who died 24 March 1919 on Bell Island. Also looking for information on my other 2nd Great Grandfather Joseph Bartlett who died 14 Jan 1943 on Bell Island.

The Burry Name of Newell's Island
Although it has become cliché to research family history, I wanted to express that in my case, I knew absolutely nothing of my mother's side of the family and was quite surprised to learn that my grandfather had been born in Newfoundland in 1903 on what is now an uninhabited location known as Newell's Island.

Compounded by the lapse of time and family disconnect it has been a challenge and a mystery tracking down family members. Also, the repeat of family names such as Matilda,...
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William Cole and Thomas Cole of St. John's
William Cole (born 1817) and his brother Thomas Cole (born 1823) were both born in St. John's and went to sea at young ages. They later qualified as sea captains in Cork, Ireland where they lived in the 186O's. Their father (Benjamin Cole) was a teacher and at some point he bought a fishing room in Bonavista. If anyone has come across these names in their searches, it would be great to hear from you. Best wishes, David (London)
Searching surname for sarah, spouse of James Morgan c 1815
After many years of searching have finally been able to put a christian name to the wife of James Morgan who was born ~1815 and died 1892 at Manuels. According to the original marriage record for one of his son's, parents are listed as James and Sarah. No surname but it is a start. It is unfortunate that the records when transcribed failed to include the names of the bride and groom, which were listed on the original record. Any help with finding sarah's surname would be appreciated.
Oliver's of Gull Island Conception Bay, NL
Looking for anyone with information on Henry Oliver born about 1890 married to Mary Kennedy.
O’Briens of Bay Bulls
I wonder if anyone knows the where in Ireland the O’Briens who settled in Bay Bulls sometime in the 1700’s.
Dorothy (Dollie) O’Brien b. 1770 Bay Bulls. m. William Mockler b. 1777 Cashel, Tipperary
Cornelius O’Brien b. ??? Ireland was her father

These are my grandparents 4x and 5x.

Thank you
Cole Family (Bonavista)
Can anyone help with my research into a Cole family from Bonavista? My starting point is William Cole born in Newfoundland in 1817 and (I presume his younger brother) Thomas Cole born 1823 who became shipmasters in the second half of the 19th century being involved in North Atlantic crossings. I have a letter dating from 1912 by a 'John Roper' from Bonavista, who gives a rough account of their history. Roper writes that William Cole owned a property in Bonavista that he had bought from his...
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WILLIAM PITMAN of Sop's Island
Anyone with information of descendants of the original William Pitman to Sop's Island? History states he was given the fishing rights from the French and his descendants are still in the White Bay Area. Thanks
GIBBONS of St. Mary's
Searching for information on my ggggrandparents. James F Gibbons (1837-1902) m. Elizabeth (Betsy) Carew (1843-1898). They had 4 sons Stephen (1874-1941),George (1875-1889) and twins James C (1878-1953) and John (Jack) (1878-1974). There was a daughter Mary Ann (1873-1926). The St. Mary's Gibbons are said to be of a different family than the St. Vincent's family (though may be related?) through Timothy Gibbons. Anyone who can help trace the St. Mary's line (I believe the father was Stephen)...
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PITMAN/ PITTMAN of Merasheen
Looking for originating information for parents of Ignatius Pittman (1888-1941) m. Johanna (aka Hannah or Anna) Walsh, Red Island. His parents were John (1847-1907) and Catherine (not sure of last name). Ignatius had 8 children. Wondering if anyone has additional information about this family . They are my ggparents. Thanks