Jesso Family
Hi there, my name is Diane Goodyear-Clarke. I am trying to find out any info on the Jesso's out in the area of Port -au Port or surrounding areas. I know my biological father is Neil Jesso but I can't seem to find any info on the Jesso family. Any info would be greatly appreciate.

Thank you,

Diane Goodyear-Clarke
Descendants of Bridget Kelligar Cullen (1864-1942)
Hello from Toronto! Over the past few years, I was surprised to discover through my paternal great-grandfather's Irish heritage that he has distant descendants in Newfoundland through his mother's niece, Bridget Kelligar Cullen, who settled with her husband Thomas (1867-1927) and up to 8 children sometime between 1905 and 1921, when they appear in the census in St. John's West.

Besides Cullen, the last names of descendants of this family include Manning, Martin, Foran, Adams,...
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researching family name Dinkley or Binkley.
Hello, I am researching my 3rd great grandfather Josish (Joseph) Pynn who married a Mary Anne Dinkley, Dec.11,1817 in Harbour Grace. Mary Anne was born in 1803 and died Dec. 10,1874 Seal Cove. I have had no luck finding where she was born as of yet and possibly who her parents were. I have been told her last name was also Binkley and not Dinkley. Marriage records Pre 1891 Harbour Grace District have her name as Dinkley. Any information that any one could provide me would be a great help....
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Healy Family
Hi, I recently started searching for ancestors on my father's side.
My father was James Walter Healy of Halifax NS. His father was James Celestine Healy, and his father was John Healy born May 16, 1869 and was from Blackhead NFLD.
I am trying to find the parents of John Healy from Blackhead. Any help would be much appreciated, Thank you!
Hi Everyone,

I was wondering if there's any way of knowing how to go about to find my husband's biological father. He did ancestry DNA test done and nothing matching to anyone. His biological mother died on December 10, 2010. Any help would be appreciated and please don't hesitate to contact me with any information that you may have.

Diane Clarke
Hi, My name is Diane and I am new to the site. I am looking for any information that can help me. I am trying to find my husband's, Glendon Clarke father as he does not know who he is.

His mother is Judith Clarke (Judy) was born on June 15, 1947 from Bishop's Falls, NL and believed she moved to St. John's, NL when she was 17. He was told that his father worked in construction. My husband was born in June 29, 1965 in Botwood, NL.

Any information would be greatly...
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Driscoll Family Line

I'm having trouble finding out the birth dates of my ggrandfather Lawrence Redmond & ggrandmother Catherine Driscoll. (Circa 1850) I have found info on my ggggrandfather Cornelius Driscoll (Birthdate 1805) and ggggrandmother Sarah Madden or Eleanor Duggan. Cornelius married twice. The reason I believe this is correct is because through DNA I found a first cousin twice removed or second cousin twice removed related to this line.

What I can't understand is why it...
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Researching the Hynes Family
Thank you for accepting me to this message board.
I am looking for information regarding my great ,great, grandfather. His name was Thomas Hynes born around 1830 married Catherine Sullivan from Harbour Main, born 1830ish died 1911. Actually any information on the Hynes name is greatly appreciated.I know my great grandfather John Thomas Hynes born Sept 8,1859 in Harbour Grace and my grandfather Edward Joseph or John was born on May 22,1892 in Fogo I believe.Any information would be greatly...
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Me and my family Mackenzie Robbins
Hi I am Mackenzie Robbins from Lumsden Newfoundland and Labrador I Have been Fascinated in Genealogy and Cemetery's for a while now and I am looking forward to contributing some great info to this amazing website

Some of my family names are
and Andrews
My DNA confirmed 2 ancestor links to Newfoundland
Hi, thank you for accepting me to your forum. I am currently trying to find one of my ancestors who left England. I discovered one, Nichodemus Crocker who was my 4x GGrandfathers brother from Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset. The other is really hiding, I’m 75% from the South Coast of England, so there are so many common names. I do know that my DNA link is from Sops Island. Hoping to find some clues. Thanks. Jan Cowan
Researching Brown and Walsh families from Bacon Cove Newfoun
Hi everyone.
I'm putting together our family tree. As is often the case with Newfoundland families, our families are often large, with a dozen children, or more. I am one of 12 kids.
I'm at an absolute dead-end in one branch of my tree. Searching for my dad's father. My dad was John Francis Brown, born in Bacon Cove/Kitchuses Newfoundland in 1931, to an unwed mom. His birth certificate does not state the fathers name.
The March family from Old Perlican
Hi: Both my maternal grandparents were born in Newfoundland and moved to the US in their early 20s. I've found a bunch of research on my grandmother Emma Beatrice Gosse, from the Vey family but am having difficulty finding the March relatives.

My grandfather was Charles Wesley March, born Sept 9, 1889 in Old Perlican, Trinity Bay. His parents were Mundon and Maria March.

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The Bowe family from the Goulds
I am researching my mother’s paternal line and am interested in finding out more about my Great Grandmother and her family. Catherine Bowe was born in the Goulds in 1878. She married James Dinn (1867-1950) in 1902 and they lived in St. John’s. I have yet to determine who Catherine’s parents were. If you have any ideas, please let me know. Thanks!
Looking for information on Gushue Family Kings Cove BB
I found the baptismal certificate for my Grandfather Charles son of Patrick Gushue and Margret Furlong on July 19th 1900 but I have very little other information on the family.
My Grandfather moved to Ontario under the Name Gushie

Hopefully someone knows more you can pass along

Looking for information about Martin family - Hello from BC
Hello - thanks for adding me to this forum.
I'm looking for any information pertaining to the Martin family from St. Johns.
My maternal great-grandfather was Arthur William Martin 1855-1936.

My maternal great-grandmother was Charlotte Goodison Coultas, born 1861 Old Perlican, Bay de Verde, Newfoundland. She was a twin, but I know nothing of her twin sister or her family.
I'm on and have DNA test done :-)
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