Looking for Information on the Isaacs' family - Lord's Cove
My Grandfather (John H. Isaacs) was Born in Lord's cove - but he has passed away and I am looking to find information regarding his Father (and before) from that area.

Derek Isaacs
Martin Billard and Harry Martin Billard
Martin Billard, parents William Billard (1853-1930) and Elizabeth Thorne(1858-1933), born 16 July 1881, Burnt Islands, Burgeo.
Married, 30 April 1902, Channel, C of E, Rachel Bailey (1882-1907) Rachel died 18 Feb 1907, Channel.
Married, unknown (may have been Elizabeth J White (23)(S) who married a Martin Billard (26)(B) 10 March 1908, St John's, Methodist Church)

Martin Billard Next appears in the Nova Scotia Vital Statistics
Martin Billard (31)(W) married Sarah...
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Information on Eber or Hebr Sheppard
Good evening,

We are looking for information on Heber Sheppard. He was born in or around 1889 and baptized in 1890 and his guardians were Samuel and Mary Ann Sheppard.

We are looking for his birth family, as his record on the Cupid's Methodist church records in illegitimate.


Lindsay Sheppard
Power family Carbonear
Looking for relatives of Issac or Oscar Power from Carbonear
Children of Isaac Russell & Martha Parsons from Bay Roberts
I am looking for the children of Isaac Russell and Martha Parsons from Bay Roberts. I have been told that their children were born from 1843 to 1853. I have located three daughters, who were Ellen (b. 1845), Amelia (b. 1853), and Lizzie (b. 1856). Even though Lizzie falls outside these dates, her relationship to Ellen and Amelia is verified by Amelia's obituary in 1926 under the surname Kearley.

Any all assistance or leads in locating the missing siblings will be greatly...
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John French / Grace George Marriage
I am looking for the marriage date of John French and Grace George. It would have been sometime around 1821 in Trinity Bay District, but so far I haven't found anything. Any help would be appreciated.
Abraham Hobbs of Keels
Looking for information on Abraham Hobbs and his wife Elizabeth. Abraham is said to have been born in Minstead, Hampshire England and came to Keels around 1725. Does anyone have any further information or knows the last name of his wife, Elizabeth?
What Happened to John & Belinda Snow's Children?
I am trying to determine what happened to two or three of John and Belinda Snow's 3 or 4 children. Their children are Mary Jane (b. 3 Oct. 1862), Ellen (b. 3 Aug. 1866), William John Sparkes (b. 7 Sept. 1872), and possibly Sarah Fanny (b. about 1877).

I know what became of Mary Jane, but have nothing on Ellen. If I could verify Sarah Fanny's parentage by finding her birth record, then I would know what became of her and Wm John Sparkes, but have been unable to do so.

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John Snow's & Belinda Sparkes' Parents
I am trying to locate John Snow's and Belinda Sparkes' dates of birth and their parents' names. I know John Snow wed Belinda Sparkes on 11 December 1860 in Bay Roberts. John Snow died 6 April 1922 in Coley's Point at the age of 84/85 and Belinda died 8 June 1914 in Coley's Point at the age of 76.

In addition, I know they had three or four children. They were Mary Jane (1862), Ellen (1866), William John Sparkes (1872) and possibly Sarah Fanny (about 1877).

Any and all...
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Searching for Moores kin from Blackhead Nl
Hello Everyone. I am looking for information, please about Charles Henry Moores born 1875 or 76 in Blackhead Nl. He married Naomi Sparks from Lower Island Cove around 1911? and moved to St. John's where he worked as a carpenter and raised 6 children: Clarence, Millicent, Gordon (my father), Cecil, Doris and William G. I do not have any information about my grandfather's parents or siblings. I would deeply appreciate any information, members can provide. Sandra Elaine Moores Robinson.
Looking for information on Surname Doherty
I have barely any information on my surname Doherty. I'm looking for information on my great grandfather Charles Doherty and his parents. Charles was born about 1880 in St. John New Brunswick Canada to James John Doherty (1857-1900) and Elizabeth Winchester (1857-1927). Charles may have been baptized at St. Jean Immaculate Conception Harbour, Newfoundland and Labrador Canada. Other then this information I don't seem to have much on the Canadian Doherty's. Any information would be greatly...
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White and Power genealogy
I descend from Michael White b. in the 1802-1818 time frame in Newfoundland. I have been advised that his parents were Michael White and Helen Power. He had a brother George. I would appreciate any information on this couple I can get.
William Moore and Mary Walsh - seeking information on my gre

My great greats William Moore (1829-1916) and Mary Walsh (1842-1929) were married, raised a family (children Thomas, William, Ellen Francis ("Nellie"), Hannah ("Annie") and Patrick), and died in the Holyrood/Carbonear areas. We're not sure if they were born in Newfoundland or not, and beyond some handwritten notes with names and dates, we know next to nothing about them, including parentage. If anyone can offer any more information on them, I'd appreciate it...
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Farrell Family Late 1800s
I will be visiting Placentia from Washington State in July. I know very little about my family there but do know that my grandmother, Anastasia Farrell was born there in February 22, 1986 and baptized by M.A. Clancy. Her parents were John Farrell and Alice O'Neil. I believe she had sisters Alice, Mae and Margaget all born in Placentia. Her family left Newfoundland in the early 1900s for Boston.

If the church she was baptized at still exists, I would love to visit it. Can...
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Land Grant Petition Morrissey
I am looking for where I can get more information on my great great grandfathers petition for land grant in 1828. Thank you for any assistance

Newfoundland Gazeteer, 10 October 1828:
John Morrissey petitioned the government for a land grant at Cape Broyle and Admiral's Cove.