looking for info on John Payton sr
was he related to Thomas Payton?
looking for info on a John Payton from Fogo.Was he related to Thomas and Mary Payton.Also looking for info on the Haggett family (Mary Haggett Payton)
looking for info on Mary Ann Mercer who married Rouben Abram

Does anyone have any info on a Mary Ann Mercer who married Rouben/Abram Boone? They had a son born named John Simon Boone about 1882. I've tried the family search, but I can't find any docs with Mary's parents on them. Any info on Rouben would be amazing too!

Any info would be appreciated
have a great day
Daniel, Martin or Patrick Foley of Distress (now St. Bride's
Lovell's Province of Newfoundland Directory for 1871 lists three Foley families in Distress (now known as St. Bride's). Daniel, Martin and Patrick Foley are listed as heads of these three households. Bearing in mind that my great-grandmother Alice Foley was born about 1875, it is likely that one of these three men is Alice's father; but, which one? Referencing various sources available online I have not yet answered this question. No doubt my online searches have improved but any further...
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Hi everyone, I am trying to get any documents on Jesse Park. Well more like birth. I cannot find his father or mother anywhere in NL. However Im not the most knowledgeable person for this.

I am on ancestry.ca, I have looked there, I have searched NL vital stats, I have used family search.org and i am also on my heritage.

I cant figure it out.

It would be appreciated if someone could help out or direct me to place I can research.

Thank you in...
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Canadian Passport Images? (Mary J Connors/O'Connor)
I have no images of my great grandmother Mary J Connors/O'Connor. She was born March 25, 1864 in St. Mary's, NL. Years later she moved to Sydney, NS, which was her last place of residence in Canada until coming to the US through Detroit on November 27, 1919. She lived the rest of her life near Detroit, Michigan before passing away on November 26, 1947.

It has occurred to me, however, that I HAVE been able to find US passport applications for ancestors in the US. Is there a place to...
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original marriage certificates
Could anyone plese tell me the type of information given on original marriage certificates from about 1877? Are there parents names given, or ages of the bride and groom, or a bachelor, spinster and widow designation? Many thanks!
John Seward
I am looking for info on John (James?) Seward married to Mary Ann Jas from Gooseberry Cove?
Information on peter oliver
I'm seeking information on my grandfather (x3), peter oliver (1845-1880 approx). He came to burgeo from nova scotia and married florence Benoit. They had one son john and Peter was lost at sea. Florence took john and walked to st George's where she settled, remarried and raised her family. All I have for Peter is his marriage certificate to florence. I'd love to know more on where he came from and his death. Any info is greatly appreciated!

Thanks, Lesley
William Thorne, Hr Grace, Index to Estate Files
Looking for the Estate file for

THORNE William 1833 117 Hr. Grace Admin. 2

I would like to find the infornation in the estate file for William Thorne of Hr Grace . I appreciate any help in this matter.

Thank You
Information on peter oliver
Hi all! I'm looking for information on my great great grandfather peter Oliver. He came to burgeo from nova scotia and married florence benoit of burgeo. He was lost at sea about 1880. Florence then took their only son john (my great grandfather) and walked to st. George's where she settled, remarried and raised her family. My grandmother and father were also raised there. There is lots of information on florence, but all I can find of peter is their marriage certificate. I cant find...
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looking for info on my grandfathers brothers.My grandfather was James Brenton,brothers was Lewis Brenton,Manuel Brenton and Andrew Brenton JR
Watton, Change Islands
My name is Sher, I am searching for WATTON at Change Islands. The farthest back I can go is the marriage of my ancestor, Robert WATTON, to Elizabeth OAKE at Change Islands in 1844. Can't find anything else prior to that.
Does anyone know if previous census of Newfoundland - previous to those on the Grand Banks site - are held at the Colonial Office at Kew? Does MUN have them? Where can I go to find the early census?
Robert WATTON does not appear in the British census...
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Groves Family of Bonavista
I am researching my husband's family "GROVES" of Bonavista. His father Alexander was the first child of Donald M. Groves and Annie Isabelle Emberley. He was born September 2, 1918 in Seldom Come By on Fogo Island. I would appreciate any information on Donald's parents Alexander Groves and Anne Carroll perhaps known as Elizabeth Anne Carroll. My father in laws middle name was Browning and I have seen a William Browning logged as son of Alexander and Anne Groves. How was he...
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felix mccarthy
looking for any info on felix mccarthy born dec 1898 and patrick thomas mccarthy born sept 1889 in carbonear. their parents were charles and mary mccarthy.
thank you