White and McCray / McRae

I wonder if anyone who has a copy of E.R. Seary's "Family Names of the Island of Newfoundland" to hand would mind checking it for any listings for two surnames - White and McCray / McRae or similar variations. I'm looking for leads on whether either of these families might have a history in Newfoundland in the late 1700s / early 1800s.

I am particularly interested in any possible information on Catherine White - born in the late 1790s or up to 1815. She...
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Warr Family
I am looking for information on the Warr family. They are from Twillingate mainly Purcell Harbour, sorry if I misspelled that. My grandfather was Harold Warr and married to Ellen M Warr.
Hi, I'm looking for a Gerald Dodge born around 1900. May have lived in New Brunswick around 1929.
Cole (William Bartlett)
Hi, my name is Bridget and I'm searching for my Newfoundland ancestry. My grandfather born St John's 27 08 1915. Came to UK as an able seaman. His father (my great grandfather) was also called William Bartlett Cole was apparently a fisherman in St John's. Seeking any knowledge, facial and other connections. My mum is quite ill and thinks she is alone hence the search starting now. Many thanks.
Dawe and Adams - Clarke's Beach
Hi all,

My name is Nicole and I'm searching for information on my family. My poppy Fredrick Dawe (b. 1932 in Clarke's Beach) passed nearly a year ago after having Alzheimer's for years. I wasn't able to get information from him on my family, but I know that his father's name was Charles Dawe (b. 1893 in Clarke's Beach, d. 1985 in Clarke's Beach) and his mother's was Marion Boone (b. 1901 in South River, d. 1994 in Clarke's Beach). I have been told that Charles' father's name was...
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O'Brien, Michael - St John's East 1911 - 1941
Michael was the son of Margaret Hickey (1878-1963) from Torbay, and Maurice O'Brien (1875-1982) from Outer Cover. He married Ellen Gallivan and they had two daughters Margaret O'Brien (1935 - present) and Marie O'Brien (1933 - ?) I believe Margaret is still living in St. John's.

Michael apparently abandoned his wife and children. I'm not sure of when, but he died in WW2 along with 3 of his brothers and there is a monument on Signal Hill regarding the family.

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Maurice Hogan married a Jane Flaherty approx 1830s
Any information greatly appreciated
John Leo White and Mary Doyle Bacon Cove
I am looking for information on my grandmothers parents, John Leo White and Mary Doyle both born in 1896. John Leo was born in Bacon Cove and Mary Doyle was born in Avondale. They raised their children in Bacon Cove. I am trying to find out the names of both of their parents.
Farrell / O’Connell
It seems that my Grandmothers parents are quite the mystery to me.
James Farrell:
born in Newfoundland (don’t know where) 1887
Died July 29, 1946
married around 1910-11 moved to Nova Scotia New Aberdeen area
Agnes O’Connell of Newfoundland
Born 1889
Died July 28, 1948 Glacé Bay Nova Scotia
Had 4 children

But, I cannot find any information before their move to Nova Scotia...
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Information on Mary Han(d)cock of Kings Cove NL, married to
I am looking for any information on my great-great-grandmother, Mary Han(d)cock of Kings Cove NL, born 1833. Her father was James Handcock and her mother Ann (maiden name unknown). She may have siblings Henry, born 1840 and Martha born 1820. She married William Hone in Trinity on 20 Dec 1855. Any information would be appreciated.
Looking for Information on Roger Cridge who married Sarah Hooper, they had child Sarah Cridge, who married Joseph Louis Royer in saint Pierre & Miquelon
Mills family from Moreton's Harbor or Notre Dame Bay area.
Looking for Mills connections from Moreton's Harbor, and Notre Dame Bay. Husband's grandfather was Frank. I get confused with the William John Mills tangle. I think hewas married 3 times.....
We would like to come up for a visit and find some graves.
Powers Signal Hill Rd
I’m looking for any information about the Power family that lived on Signal Hill Rd. in St. John’s from 1900 on. My grandmother Ellen Power, who married Cyril Raymond Jardine lived there for many yrs. at 54 Signal Hill Rd. There were other Powers living at 42 and 38 on the same street. I think their names were Patrick and John.
I have very little information on my grandmother Power’s family, so any little bit of information would be very much appreciated.

Looking for Birth Mother
Baby boy Michael Bruce Connors. Born January 22, 1967 at St. Michael's Hospital Toronto Ontario. Birth mother Rose Connors age 21. Would like any information please. I can respect if my mother does not wish to communicate but perhaps there are siblings or other relatives that I may contact. It would be nice to know my family.
Elizabeth Paull of Bonavista died 1816
I am looking for some help tracing Elizabeth Paull who married John Durdle in 1802 in Bonavista. I cannot find a birth record for her. She married John in 1802, had three children and died with her daughter Mary (referred to as Mary Bundle in some records) in 1816. The only record I can find that comes close is of an Elizabeth Pallo born in Harbour Grace in 1775/6. I am wondering if any of the Paul researchers out there can shed some light on who she was and where she came from.
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