James Neville - Topsail
I am researching my great grand father James Neville from Topsail, NL. He had a daughter, my grandmother Anne Neville who married David Snyder in Sydney, Nova Scotia ion 1900. He was from Halfway Cove,Guysborough Co. N.S. She passed away in 1925 and is buried in Queensport, Guysboroguh Co., N.S. i believe her mother was Mary Kent from Belle Island. Anyone with information please contact me.
Information on Samuel Bennett who lived in Port au Bras NL
I’m looking for information on Samuel Bennett 1817-1881 he died at Port au Bras Newfoundland married Mary Ann Saunders 1819- Children Eliza 1843- John 1845-1914 Jane 1847- and William 1860. I think he may have been born in Placenta Bay maybe Rock Harbour?

Thanks for any help.
Lyons of Newfoundland
I have been using this site as a means of tracing my husband's family and have found it quite resourceful. I appreciate all of the work that has gone into making this site and feel that this message board might be a good way of making connections to others with knowledge of the Lyons' of Newfoundland.
hello, I'm newly registered to this site. I'm seeking information about Elsie Scott or Grace Scott of Little Bay East, NL. I may be related and would like to learn more about my family history. If anyone is interested in sharing the Scott family history, I'd really like to connect. I live in St. John's. Thank you.
Family history
Hi There, I've just registered to the site.
I just came across my grandmother's birth certificate, all of sudden the background info I thought was gone is now possible to track down. I am looking for information on the Turner family of Lower Island Cove. In the course of 3 generations her line has gone from the east coast to the west coast, making the family literally a family of Canada.
Anybody who can help me out, or send me in the right direction I would greatly appreciate hearing...
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Hello from Okotoks, AB - Chris Reid
Hello All,
I was born on Bell Island, NL in 1949. My ancestral family names include: Reid, Brien, Woodford, Hogan, Hibbs, Cahill, Fry, Churchill. For the most part, my ancestors resided in: Bell Island, Portugal Cove, Carbonear, Northern Bay, Red Head Cove and Bay de Verde areas.

My family tree on Ancestry.com currently features 2,200 folks. My great grand parents, John Reid/ Margaret Brien and Philip Woodford/Abbie Hogan were all born in the Carbonear area in the mid...
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Gillingham, Hole, Hurlstone, Greenstock
Good morning from Devon, UK. I have reaserched the surnames Gillingham, Hole, Hurlstone and Greenstock for many years. These are all names from the west country - Devon, Somerset and Dorset - and at least 3 of them made their way to Newfoundland over the years.

I would very much like to exchange information with anyone who is also studying these families.

Look forward to meeting you,

Corporal Nelson Sherren #2458
Hi all,
My great Uncle Nelson was born in South West Arm, New Bay (Point Leamington) on Aug 6th, 1897 and the birth was registered by Selby Jefferson of the Methodist faith on October 21, 1897.
The spelling of his surname on the birth records was SHIRREN however the spelling of his surname as he wrote it on his regimental attestation papers was SHERREN and the spelling on his headstone at the Douai Communal Cemetery in France is SHERRAN.
I am trying to find the original Methodist...
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Introducing myself Eric Alcock from Oshawa ON
Hi, I just registered or the message board. I'm doing research for my family tree, so that will involve mostly the Alcock family (Botwood/Leading Tickles/Harbour Grace) and the Russell family (Catalina/Port Union). I hope we can help each other find the info we're looking for! God bless.
Hello from Alberta
Hi everyone,

My name is Anastasia Hall and I have started my family tree and am eager to find out information on the Hall side. My father Gerrard (Junior) Hall grew up partly in Buchans with his mother Annie Emberley. His father was Henry Hall (from North River), who had a brother Isaac and two sisters Annie and Kathleen. They're parents were Daniel Hall and Mary Jane Fowler. My father died when I was an infant and the entire Hall side of my family is lost to me. I am trying to...
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tucker, gushue, kendell, park, anstey
Hi, I have been looking into my family history for a long time, and these last names are within my family. Tucker, Gushue (Goujou), Kendell, Park, Anstey

If anyone would like to share information on any of these family names, that would be amazing.

Thank you, Alison :D
Hello from Texas - Traverse, Bennett, Emberly
Myself and 3 sisters are daughters of Margaret Traverse Shaw. She was raised in Brewley, Placentia Bay. Our Dad met Mom @ Goose Bay during the war and swept her off her feet. She never returned & after her death we made a trip for her to St. John's Newfoundland. We were able to stay a week which was not enough for everything we wanted to do. We searched and asked about the ferry for Merasheen Island and LOL got looks like we had 2 heads & finally found there isn't one. We did visit...
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Dupe- Power Family Information
Hello, I am trying to find out information about any Dupe's who settled in Newfoundland and moved to Cape Breton. I have very little to go on. William Dupe was born in SouthShilds England around 1815 and moved to Newfoundland with the fish trade, he settled in LaPaile. He married and moved to Rose Blanche. His son James Thomas was born in Rose Blanche around 1854. William Dupe moved his family to Cape Breton in 1871.

Also looking for Power information. My grandfather James Sanford...
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Hello from Mary Louise Damiano
Hello All--
Let me start by saying how grateful I am to have discovered this site!

I have been researching my mother's family line for some time through Ancestry and have found invaluable information here that I haven't seen elsewhere. My maternal grandfather was from St. John's East and my maternal grandmother from St. Jacques. After marrying in 1921, they moved to the U.S. (Detroit, Michigan area), where both my mother and I were born and raised. My husband and I currently...
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New member Durdle
Just joined the site. Cliff Durdle son of Clifford Durdle DOB 1936 of Bonavista. Live in Ontario.