My name is Linda and I have interests in the Moore/Moores family of Adam's Cove, Bay de Verde, Newfoundland. In particular, I am interested in info about Absalom Moores, born 1838 in Adam's Cove, Blackhead, Bay de Verde, Newfoundland. Hope to hear from others with common interests. Cheers, Linda
New user with ties to Rose, White, family names in Twillinga
Hi am eager to connect with family from Newfoundland. Am researching on Ancestry, and have run into issues. I have found 2 Edward Whites in Twillingate during the First WW. Pte 1084 whom is my great Uncle. Also a Pte 486. Any help will be appreciated,

Liz Southam
My grandmother Jeanette (or Janet) SNELGROVE was born in Lower Island Cove on
27 Dec 1881.
She sailed to Nova Scotia about 1895. She may have had a brother Jabez SNELGROVE.
Her parents Soloman SNELGROVE and Roseanna GOODIE were married on 30 Oct 1864.

I am trying to compile a Snelgrove history and willing to share with anyone.
Prefer reply by e-mail to:
Thanks.......Bill Hamm
Hi. Rob Cashin here, just joined
Hi all. I've visited the NGB site many times over the years, but for some reason never joined the forum. So here I am.

Newfoundlander, born 1960, lived here all my life except for just a couple of years away. Living in St. John's NL since 1984.

Not very active these days (with family research), but maybe it'll be a retirement project ... soon. :)
Hello, my Newfoundland connection is my father's mom, a Line
Hello everyone,
I'm new to this board.

On my mom's side:
My mom was a Gannon from Galway.

On my dad's side:
My great grandfather Daly was from Cork. I have no relation to Dalys in Newfoundland.
My Newfoundland connection is my grandmother Rose Eleanor Linehan from John's Pond.
Her parents were James Linehan and Mary Baldwin from Holyrood.

I do all my work on Family Search and have been uploading from time to time to Ancestry....
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Newby with interest in surnames Gaultois, Newman, Pinsent, P
Hi I'm Marc and I'm posting so I can use the search function :) I live in Florida now but was living in Halifax NS from birth till age 27.

I'm here to further my research and understanding of my Newfoundland ancestors Newfoundland from before c1920.

Gaultois surname I have lots of info on. It's my paternal surname but not actual last name, I was a d'Entremont at birth and now a Dobson.

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Searching for Dawe from Kelligrews and possible links to unk
Hello- Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Nettie (Ethel) Dawes Lees. My father Patrick Andrew Dawe was born on 1/13/1905 to Theresa Mary Dawe (an unwed Mother) He was the most wonderful, caring, intelligent man I have yet to meet. As far as I know he was never able to discover who his Father was. There are some tips/gossip that I had heard from related Newfoundlanders over the years that his Father was someone from Topsail?? He grew up thinking his Grandmother, Susannah Haines Dawe...
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HI EVERYONE - Looking for Info on Julia Hiscock born in Newf
I am Carol Graystone from Ontario and through Ancestry DNA have connected with many cousins in the beautiful province of Newfoundland.

My Great Grandfather was Francis Edward Harris, born in St. John's 1862 and he married
Julia Emma Hiscock born Nfld 1865. They were married in 1884 in St. Johns.

I have much information on my GGrandfather Harris, but have been unable to find any information on the parents, or siblings of my GGrandmother Julia Hiscock.

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new to this forum
Looking forward to studying my ancestry. I will be posting in the surnames section to help find relatives of mine. Cheers!
New to the group
I am Jeanette Pugh from Soldotna, Alaska. I have been searching for my family roots for 5 years now and hope that this site will give me some answers. I have been lurking without registering so now I have registered and hope the information begins to flow.

Thank you
Taylors of Carbonear & Harbour Grace
Ambrose Taylor, son of Richard Taylor & Amelia Pike, born 1849 in Harbour Grace.
I am looking for any other records than the Methodist birth & baptism records.
Helping Nan find her roots

I'm new to posting on this site. I've been trying to help my nanny research her family for the past few years with very little success. She's older and in poor health and I would really like to track down some information for her as soon as possible. Looking for information on the Reardon, Bonnell, Brennan families in and around St. John's.
Hello, I'm new!

My name is Joelle and I am in Mississauga (just west of Toronto) but I am originally from the Montreal area. For the most part, I have been pretty lucky with my research and have found a few gems in the research but I also have a few brick walls. (Don't we all?!)

I am stuck on my maternal grandmother's grandparents. They are William Hope (1842-1904) and Jane (or Jean - possibly Mary Jane/Jean) Fowler (b. 1851-ish). I'm not sure of the birth dates because I am doing the...
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Murphy and Cantwell intro
I have been familiar with this website for many years, although I have just discovered this forum and registered.

My mother's ancestors are Edward J. Murphy and Mary Ann Cantwell of St. John's (they raised their young family and then moved to Toronto). I believe that Edward's parents are Joseph Murphy and Bridget Hennessey (based on his baptism the day after his birth). They married January 13, 1818 in St. John's. He is from Ownen, Kilkenny and she is from Callan, Kilkenny.
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Makinson family
I have just started searching my family roots after a trip around the Arrow Lakes in BC where my Grandfather (Thomas Cochrane Makinson 1870 - 1950) and family settled for a short time before moving back to Newfoundland and settling back to Makinson's. I believe my Great Grandfather is George Makinson (1827-1911) but I have not found any documentation to prove that. Any information or advice would be greatly appreciated.
Cheers, Tom Makinson