Murphy and Cantwell intro
I have been familiar with this website for many years, although I have just discovered this forum and registered.

My mother's ancestors are Edward J. Murphy and Mary Ann Cantwell of St. John's (they raised their young family and then moved to Toronto). I believe that Edward's parents are Joseph Murphy and Bridget Hennessey (based on his baptism the day after his birth). They married January 13, 1818 in St. John's. He is from Ownen, Kilkenny and she is from Callan, Kilkenny.
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Makinson family
I have just started searching my family roots after a trip around the Arrow Lakes in BC where my Grandfather (Thomas Cochrane Makinson 1870 - 1950) and family settled for a short time before moving back to Newfoundland and settling back to Makinson's. I believe my Great Grandfather is George Makinson (1827-1911) but I have not found any documentation to prove that. Any information or advice would be greatly appreciated.
Cheers, Tom Makinson
Seal Cove
Does anyone know when Seal Cove changed their name to Princeton. I am researching the families with the surname BROWN, PRINCE.
Francis Augustus Read and Susannah Collier's Children
Part 2
I have the following information on Frank and Susan's Children

i. Francis Augustus Read Jnr
Born: 17th December 1844 Upper Burgeo, Newfoundland
Died: 2nd November 1845 Upper Burgeo, Newfoundland
Buried: 3rd November 1845 Upper Burgeo, Newfoundland
Aged: 10 months

ii. Sarah Ann Read Dicks
Born: 14th October 1845 in Upper Burgeo, Newfoundland
Baptised: 3rd November 1845 Rev Martin Blackmore Upper Burgeo, Newfoundland
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Newfoundland Ancestry
I am searching for my Great Grandfather and beyond. My Grand father was John Hickey of Little Paradise, Placentia Bay. He was born 1880-1882 and passed away in 1974. He was the owner of the schooner The Irene that was first skippered by William Houlihan of Petite Forte,Placentia Bay and then by my uncle, Pat Hickey.
My Grandmother was Ellen Bernard Monica White ( Pearson ) Hickey. She went by Mon or Monica.
There were many Hickeys in Newfoundland but I haven't been able to...
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Read, Carter, Moores, Taverner Families
Ten years ago while visiting my husband's sister, she mentioned that she had an old army tin full of letters from Newfoundland.
Letters written to my husband's Great Grandfather George Wyatt Read. GWR was born in Newfoundland and immigrated to Australia in 1873.
So began a very interesting and informative discovery of the Newfoundland Read Family.
We never imagined finding a family history so involved in the Fisheries and Politics and we knew very little about...
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Hello and Thank you
Thank you for such a wonderful website that is specific to Newfoundland! I have already found some great information on my wife's family. At age 59 through DNA, she recently found that she has ancestors in Newfoundland.

I have searched the 27 pages of surnames to look for existing family to no avail, so I'll be sending some surname posts over the next week in hopes of finding any additional insight on her relatives.

I'll give the particulars in the surnames but we will...
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Hi, Looking forward to :D gathering new info and adding to my tree
Wiltshire family links
Hi, I am in Australia and researching my husbands family. I have just found out his GGM, Elizabeth Brown Wiltshire was born in Trinity, NL. This is very exciting as we thought they were 100% British. Other names I am searching in his family are Hatcher, Bartley, Marsh, Cleife and Penny.

I have found some information on Elizabeth Wiltshire, as well as some possible information on her father, and other relatives. I am just looking for help to confirm my information as I am having...
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Searching O'Sullivan (or Sullivan), Gushue, Brennan and Curt
Been researching for several years, but like many of you, dead ends seem to turn up. I am particularly interested in information regarding a fatal fire in 1893, Chapel Cove, where Patrick O'Sullivan and three of his young children perished in a house fire. His wife Rachel (Gushue or possibly Gushire) emmigrated to the United States with remaining children, Anastasia and Bridget. Can anyone help shed light on this? The tragedy is listed on Grand Banks records, but only their deaths. I have...
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Hi everyone,

My name is Brittany, I live in north Texas, and while I do not have a personal blood connection to Newfoundland, my husband does. I've been doing genealogy research on my family and my husband's family, and just discovered that the tales his family has been telling for years about a great grandfather coming to Massachusetts directly from Scotland were off by an ocean--he appears to have come instead from Trinity Bay.

I'm looking for more information into the...
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Hello Everyone!

Hello Everyone!

I just found this site yesterday as I have started a search for my Walsh ancestry. My father's side of the family is part of the Gibbons crowd. Grandfather Patrick Gibbons came to Boston. Married Margaret Frances Hearn and had 10 children. They were in the St. Vincent's area. A few of the cousins have visited our homeland.

My mother's mother was Elizabeth Anna Walsh. Her mother was Cecilia Downy and her dad was John Walsh. They...
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Robert Pepper Cemetery Bay Roberts
I just signed up, My name is Doug Churchill, Langley, B.C. A few years ago we went to Bay Roberts to do some family history checking. We found where my Great Grandfather William Churchill and Great Grandmother Jane (Crane) Churchill had lived in Crane Cove. We also found their headstones in the Robert Pepper Cemetery. They were overgrown with wild Rose bushes. We weren't equipped to clear much. I was hoping someone could put me in touch with a local that could be hired to clear the area around...
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Hi From Ontario
Dear NGB,

Thank you so much for maintaining this wonderful site. I recently found out that some of my Irish Heritage made its way to Canada via Newfoundland and have been trying to connect the dots ever since.

I spent most my life not knowing my great grandparents names from either side but have lately found the motivation to research my ancestors.

Throughout my life I simply assumed that I was French/Irish as both my father's parents were of French ethnicity...
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hey all new here and hitting a brick wall
been looking for a Thomas Matthew Furlong born approx. 1853 in st john's as per the sons death certificate. the son who died is Thomas Martin Furlong. Matthew has a number of children all baptized in the RC church (ST. Patrick's ) in st johns nf