Mary Jane Bishop - d. 1948 - looking for cemetary plot in Gr
Hello - Mary Jane Bishop died on March 14, 1948 in Grand Falls, and was buried there shortly afterwards - possibly in an Anglican or United C cemetary.
Online searches have turned up empty so far.
Any information anyone has is welcome!
The grave may have been marked with a simple cross, but there must be a burial record somewhere.

Thank you!
Emilie (Amelia, Emily) Marie leJeaune (Young) Marriage Regis
I am looking for the Marriage Registry (Certficate) of:
Emilie (Amelia, Amelie, Emily) Marie leJeune (Young)
{daughter of Henri Young & Susanne Duffenais-Duffney)
b. April 13, 1839 chr. Aug. 27, 1851 Sandy Point, Port au Port, NFLD Mi'Kmaq
Married between 1854 - 1858
Bonne Bay (Woody Point) Newfoundland (Sandy Point-Port au Port, Port au Choix)
Roman Catholic
to Alban (Alvin, Albert) Lavers (Levis, Leavis, Livis, Layves, Lenas,...
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Family History update for Ancestry

I wonder if anyone might have any further in formation on the Keating Family that lived in St Johns in Newfoundland.

My family is the White family that was mentioned... Mary A White and husband John Chamberlain White

I believe I have a relative that was named in a historic will and it would be interesting to learn more about what they did for work or their property/ land interests in St Johns.

many thanks


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Mancel Alcock, Conception Bay, Harbour Grace, Newfoundland i
Looking for information on his parents and his marriage to Mary. Mancel was born in 1766 I believe in Grace Harbour where he lived his whole life. He died on January 20, 1862 at 96 years old. His parents may have come from England. Mancel and Mary had 8 children together. Their last child, Robert, born on April 2, 1817 is my g-g-g-g grandfather. Thank you for any help you can provide.
Looking for parents of Livie Davis. Born 1876 in Grace Harbo
Livie married William Dutton Sainsbury in 1903 in St. John's and died in 1930 in Wesleyville. We don't have much on her or her family. Any help would be appreciated!
Marriage of Charles Gushue and Catherine Mahany
I am hoping to confirm that my Great Grandfather, Charles Gushue is the same Charles Gushue who married Catherine Mahany from Conception (?) 10 Jan 1903, Harbour Main District. Charles was widowed at the time. The marriage record I see shows both parties as widowed.
The witnesses were Michael and Winifred Costello.

The birth date of Charles is off a few years from my Charles.
I believe that my Great Grandfather, Charles Gushue was b. 1864 and d. 1930. He married Mary...
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A place called Hambelin?
"NF, Hambelin" is listed as the birthplace of an ancestor named Mary [of course!] who is enumerated as Mary Haywood, mother-in-law in the 1851 census of St. Blazey/St. Austell, Cornwall, age 99.
I looked carefully at the original handwriting and it really looks to be Hambelin. Was there such a place? And if not, what looks similar and could be the location? It would have been a birth in 1752, give or take a year. Newfoundland is written out and legible, so I am sure of that.
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Conran family of Bell Island & Harbour Main
Conran family from Bell Island & Harbour Main. My grandmother was Violet Mary Conran (Parsons). Her parents were James Conran and Sadie Conran O'Neill (nee Mansfield). Any information would be appreciated.
Adoption Records
Hi, I am wondering if there is anywhere I can look for adoption records for an adoption that would have taken place in Newfoundland in the 1880s-1890s. It's for my great grandfather, I only know his approximate year of birth because of censuses. I don't know if it was a family adoption or what, just that he was adopted. Or even any insight as to how adoptions worked back then?

looking for info on John Payton sr
was he related to Thomas Payton?
looking for info on a John Payton from Fogo.Was he related to Thomas and Mary Payton.Also looking for info on the Haggett family (Mary Haggett Payton)
looking for info on Mary Ann Mercer who married Rouben Abram

Does anyone have any info on a Mary Ann Mercer who married Rouben/Abram Boone? They had a son born named John Simon Boone about 1882. I've tried the family search, but I can't find any docs with Mary's parents on them. Any info on Rouben would be amazing too!

Any info would be appreciated
have a great day
Daniel, Martin or Patrick Foley of Distress (now St. Bride's
Lovell's Province of Newfoundland Directory for 1871 lists three Foley families in Distress (now known as St. Bride's). Daniel, Martin and Patrick Foley are listed as heads of these three households. Bearing in mind that my great-grandmother Alice Foley was born about 1875, it is likely that one of these three men is Alice's father; but, which one? Referencing various sources available online I have not yet answered this question. No doubt my online searches have improved but any further...
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Hi everyone, I am trying to get any documents on Jesse Park. Well more like birth. I cannot find his father or mother anywhere in NL. However Im not the most knowledgeable person for this.

I am on, I have looked there, I have searched NL vital stats, I have used family and i am also on my heritage.

I cant figure it out.

It would be appreciated if someone could help out or direct me to place I can research.

Thank you in...
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Canadian Passport Images? (Mary J Connors/O'Connor)
I have no images of my great grandmother Mary J Connors/O'Connor. She was born March 25, 1864 in St. Mary's, NL. Years later she moved to Sydney, NS, which was her last place of residence in Canada until coming to the US through Detroit on November 27, 1919. She lived the rest of her life near Detroit, Michigan before passing away on November 26, 1947.

It has occurred to me, however, that I HAVE been able to find US passport applications for ancestors in the US. Is there a place to...
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