Hello all! My name is Tanya, and I'm currently trying to uncover both my mother and my father's family history. Currently I'm searching through records for Howlett, Sears, Henderson, and Noseworthy. I look forward to chatting with you all!
Trying to find he birthplace of a great grandfather
To anyone who can help:

My great grandfather, James Hoke, is buried in Joe Batt's Arm Roman Catholic Cemetery. The records there indicate that he lived from 1850 to 1904. My question is where was he born and how do I find out, e.g. sources for records, etc.

In the family, there is a story that he came over from England or Ireland. If he was not born in Newfoundland/Labrador, I would then shift my focus to trying to find the fishing schooner on which he sailed, port of...
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Hi from Florida
Hello and thank you for accepting my registration request.
I am doing family research of my maternal grandmother's side of the family. She was Anna Josephine Gushue, daughter of Charles and Gushue and Mary Whelan, born in Bacon Cove. There are so many Gushue's I am having a hard time verifying her siblings.
I enjoy browsing Grand Banks and learning about Newfoundland.
Living in Florida, I often look at pictures of Newfoundland and wish I was there, feeling the cool ocean wind,...
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Introduction Hellos
Hello from NB, I stopped in and say hello as I have been searching for Lucy Jane Hawkins nee Pond/Burton are could be's. She belongs to me or I belong to her down the line : ) Nice to meet you all.

Hurley, Kennedy, Mahoney Families of Belle Isle
Hello: I am a long time researcher on this wonderful site. However, this is my first post on the message board. I am researching the Hurley, Kennedy, Mahoney and Dobbin Families of Belle Isle for my daughter in law.
Warm Regards, Nancy
GRACE and MCGRATH families - looking for help and any inform
Good day to everyone! My name is Sandra Wilson and I just signed up on the message board today. I am actively researching my maternal great grandparents. They lived in Colliers, Newfoundland. Margaret McGrath (1863-1949) I believe was born in St. Johns and passed away in Colliers. Edward Grace (do not know) I found a will that he did in the early 1900 but do not have a birth or death date from him. He may not have been born in Newfoundland. If anyone has any information on these two...
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I am trying to find information on my Grandfather
I am trying to find out information about my grandfather. His name was Edwin John Locke and he was born Feb.14, 1900 in Lushe Bight, NL. He died May 2, 1982 in Victoria, B.C. I am in newfoundland right now and i want to look in to his family. i was told that he had 23 brothers and sisters but a few past away. i need help as i don't know what to do.

thanks for the help. my phone number is 250-618-7022
Newly registered but long-time guest
Have been visiting this site for a while and found it contains a wealth of information for Newfoundland genealogy.
Good job all!
Hope to find a few nuggets for my family tree research in my future visits.
My name is Anne and I'm looking for information on my family that came from St. Brendan's. I know my grandparents but am looking for the generation before them. Your website has been extremely helpful and it's so amazing that it's free. The challenge that I've been having is that the generation I'm looking for is from the 1840's and 50's and the documentation stops just before going back there. Thanks to everyone for all the hard work organizing these records!!
New to board searching Open Hall, Kings Cove, Bonavista Bay
Hi my name is Christine nee Long. I am new to this board but not new to genealogy and searching my lines. I started a very long time ago but then took a break because of dead end and life. I have been back at it for over a year now.My grandfather was James Long born in Open Hall, Newfoundland. I am hoping that I might be able to brake down some walls with this site. I have done my DNA anf I am on GEDmatch and Family Tree. So I am hopeful for some matches on my grandfather's line. My grandfather...
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St. Johns-Conception Bay

Southern Shore
Emma Kingman Rice
I have been using this site for a couple of months and just decided to join.

I have traced many branches of the my family, but I am stuck on my Great Grand Mother Emma E Kingman from Herring Neck, who married Sidney Jame Rice on March 4, 1914 in Pilley's Island. Emma was living in Lushes Bight at the Time.

From what I have learned Emma was illegitimate, and her mother passed away when she was very young and Emma was adopted. Emma had a brother, Thomas Bath who adopted...
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New User Greetings!!
Hello and greetings from the South of Boston, Massachusetts!

My great great grandfather, John Peter Kearney (1859-1922) was born in St. Johns, Newfoundland. His father, Captain James John Kearney (b. in Ireland 1826-1869) married Mary A. Coady (b. NF 1828-1906 d. of Capt William Coady). James was lost at sea. Mary Coady Kearney's gravestone in Massachusetts has a memorial to James, stating he was 'lost at sea, Oct 1869'. A few years after James was lost, Mary came to the Boston area...
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Hello my name is Nancy and I am researching the Munright family of Harbor Grace. There were three girls, Johanna born 1864, Ann born 1866 and Margaret Frances born March 3,1868.
Hello and Greetings from North Island New Zealand
I am originally from Dorset, South of England, hence my username here. I am building my family tree and now at a point where I need to explore my Canadian connections. In particular NF and the Grand Banks area. Many years ago a Great Aunt of mine told me of a family member who once his time was completed in the British Navy, Left Bristol UK and headed to NF to marry a girl he had fallen for. This would probably be late 18th to early 19th centuries. Sadly at 17 years old my head was full of fast...
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