Voters list for year 1885 or 1889 Bay Roberts
Thomas Brown 64 years in Colony and District Riverhead
William Brown -Age 64 yrs
John Brown - Age 53 yrs
Thomas Brown - Age 51 yrs
Stephen Brown - Age 42 yrs

Voters List of 1878

William Brown
John Brown
Thomas Brown
Stephen Brown
Voters List for WOOD of BAY ROBERTS
Voters list of 1874, 1878, 1882 years show the following;
William Woods
Philip Woods
Simon Woods
Charles Woods

Voters list of years 1878 and 1882 show the above plus Robert of William Woods.

Voters List of years 1855 and 1858 only show James Woods.

Then the following shows that Woods change to Hood;
There is another Voters List without a date, but wrote in ink 1889 or 1885 ? that show the following;

William Hood age 58 of...
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Voters List for SNOW of BAY ROBERTS
Voters List for Bay Roberts UNDATED but marked in ink at top of page 1889 or 1885 ?

Henry Snow age 68 FISHERMAN of James
Edward Snow age 25 Fisherman of James
James Snow age 77 Planter of James
Henry Snow age 34 Planter of James
Jonathan Snow age 40 Planter of James
George C. Snow age 22 Fisherman of James
Stephen Snow age 69 Planter of James
Stephen Snow Age 32 Fisherman of Stephen
Joseph Snow Age 49 Planter of Stephen
Isaac Snow age 44...
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Looking for information on Edwin John Walsh, born 7-11-1925 in ?Halifax?, Nova Scotia. Father was Thomas James Walsh, Mother was Laura Mae Watson. Married Evelyn Margaret Russell, year and place unknown. He died 1981 in Downey, CA. He was my Father in Law, just trying to find more information on him. He served in the Canadian Navy for 20 years, part of that time was spent on the HMCS Terra Nova 259 as a Petty Officer, probably between 1959 and 1963.

Thank You for any info!!...
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Family of Grace Russell
Hello All! A photo was posted Jan 2005 by Lawrence David Rodger under the "Can You Identify Photos" heading. I am hoping somebody can give me a little more information about the photo which is a large, clear picture. If the original poster sees this, PLEASE leave a reply. Could it possibly be Evelyn Margaret Russell, born in 1921 to Stephen and Alicia Russell? Is she wearing a nurse's uniform or maybe a Red Cross uniform? Judging by the hairstyle and other objects in the photo, what...
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Barry Family of Red Island or Norris Family of St. John's
Any input on any of these 2 family trees would be helpful.
Foley / Gardner
Looking for information on or any possible relatives of my great-great-grandparents:

James Patrick Gardner
BIRTH 11 MAR 1864 • Harbor Grace/Harbor Place, Newfoundland, Canada
DEATH 29 DEC 1915 • Medford, Middlesex, MA
Parents: James and Margaret Gardner (possibly from England - possibly Gardiner)
James' possible siblings: brother - unknown name. Know that unknown had a daughter or granddaughter named Claire; have photograph of Cousin Claire Gardner at family...
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Philip Gillett
Gillett. Looking for info on Pte Philip Gillett born in Leading Tickles Nov 13, 1865 and died in Wanorth? In 1917
Froud, Old Perlican
Stuck on finding info for Abram (Abraham) Froud (Froude, Frowd) of Old Perlican, born 1855. Found marriage to Matilda Nicholson Burridge, death in 1922. Methodist but not sure if his parents were at the time of his birth.
No vital statistics or church records for his birth but I believe some of the Old Perlican church records were lost to fire? I would like to figure out which Froud was his father.
FitzPatricks of Saint John's
I'm looking for relatives of a family originating in ST John's, Newfoundland.

Thomas FitzPatrick(b. 1869) m. Agnes (Hurley?) (b. 1866-1872 d. 1939)
Thomas Valentine FitzPatrick (b. 1904 d. 1967(Massachusetts)) m. Mary Agnes Power(b. 1906)
Violet May FitzPatrick (b. 1907 d. 1972) m. George William Smith(b. 1901(Liverpool))
*likely more

Thomas FitzPatrick and Agnes (Hurley?)'s parents were both born in Newfoundland. They also have a grandson...
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Ellen & James Dalton information
I am looking for any information on Ellen and James Dalton. Ellen was a twin to Margaret who was born in 1907. Ellen is the only sibling of the Donovans who did not move to Philadelphia, PA. She would be my great-aunt and I have not been able to locate much information on them. I would appreciate any information that could be passed on. Thank you in advance. Jeanette Pugh
Hello -I'm looking for information on my great grandfather and his family. My great grandfather's name was DAVID FAHEY and he was born in Newfoundland around 1872. He immigrated to Boston and settled in East Boston. His parents were DENNIS FAHEY and MARY BRANSFIELD. I have not been able to find any information on this FAHEY line or the BRANSFIELD line. If any one has any information, I would so appreciate you passing it along. Thank you!
Surname: Brennan

I've been doing a lot of history research, and I've always been interested. However I've never been able to find any information on my Maternal Grandmother's line. I can't seem to find anyone before Edward, my grandmother's (Ellen/Nellie J.) father.