Looking for Information about the family of Abraham Russell
Hello Everyone
My name is Heather Russell Silcox. I was given my middle name in memory of my paternal grandmother Jemima Russell whom I never met. Apparently she was the daughter of the owner of a fish canning factory in St. Johns Bay and had 7 brothers and left Canada at the turn of the century thereabout having married a British Royal Engineer named John Charles Gay in a ceremony in Halifax. I hope to visit St. Johns later this year and would love to meet up with some family.
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Barrett Family
I have just started a Barrett family search with little experience but a lot of interest. I am sort of stumbling through several sites. I have registered for this site but am having difficulty comprehending how this site works. I have been given a member # 6457 and the new users advise is to send an email to poster? Who do I send this email to? Please advise. Thanks Linda Barrett
The Bennett family
Hi there, I am in the process of looking for family history and hopefully this site might help. My family lost touch with the Newfoundland side when my father moved to Montreal many years ago. His name was George and his parents were John Bennett and Veronica (Dawe) Bennett. My grandfather I believe was born in Harbour Grace and the Dawe family was from Kelligrews. My father was from a family of 7. The family lived on Hayward Ave. in St John's. If any of this information sounds somewhat...
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Hello everyone. I'm researching the family of John Bond
I'm researching the family of John Bond, found in the 1777 census for Gaspé, and by then married with 7 children. He is noted as being from Newfoundland, as is the next entry on the census, a Will Bond. Some researchers believe he descends from a Jean Bon found in the 1673 census for Plaisance who is recorded as working for Thomas Pic, an Englishman with three fishing boats. But most every resident/fisherman of Plaisance/Placentia was evacuated and moved to what became Louisbourg on Cape...
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Hello from Ontario
Found this wonderful site full of information. I am trying to build some family history. My grandfather was an Abbott and my grandmother was a Hayward. They were originally both from the Bonavista area. I’m planning on making a trip out east and would love to see some of the family history that is left behind..
Corbin Genealogy in Newfoundland
Hi all , My name is Brian Corbin and I and doing some family genealogy research.
I currently live in Quebec but was born and raised in Kentville Nova Scotia.

Over the last 40 years I have seen others do research with links to Newfoundland Corbins and there are several topics on David ( Daniel ) Corbin and wife Sarah (? Newfoundland) who may have been born about 1760 in Ireland maybe Dublin. He moved to Newfoundland, married and moved again to Nova Scotia and died in 1830 at...
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Searching for info on Gould family who lived in Harbour Grac
I am trying to find information on my maternal grandmother's family who lived in Harbour Grace between around 1865-1915 or so. The last name was Gould. My grandmother (Eliza Mary) was the youngest child of 7, born in 1888 to James and Anastasia Gould. I believe James and Anastasia immigrated from Dublin, Ireland in the 1860s. The Gould children and birthdates were:
Michael Gould 1869
Anne Gould 1871
William Joseph Gould 1872
Anastasia (Jr.) Gould 1874
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Searching from BC for R Sharp from St. John's West
I currently live in the BC southern interior and I have been searching in earnest for about a year for my biological father, Roland Sharp, born about 1944/45. Up until today I could not find any records or information then came across both this site and the 1945 NF Census record on ancestry.ca. He's the youngest of 7 children born in St. John's West where they were living on Empire Ave. His parents are Roland Sharp b. 1911 Twillingate and Elsie May Sharp (nee Smith) b. 1911...
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Searching Cole
Hi' I'm here researching my Newfoundland past through my grandfather. Looking for any information about his family. They were registered around the St John' area although we are in the UK. Thanks.
Hello from the UK
Hi all my father was born in Grand Bank Newfoundland and I have been researching my routes. This site has been really helpful and I recently visited Newfoundland to see where he came from. Look forward to learning more about the Welsh’s from Grand Bank
Cody(Coady) and Redmond
I am a new member looking for any information on the Cody(Coady) or Redmonds of Harbour Grace. I know they arrived there around 1810. Thanks to the admin. for my admission.
Looking for Photos of Ferryland Williams
Hi Everyone,

I'm building my family tree but have no pictures of our Williams ancestors from Ferryland.

My husband's grandfather Bernard came to Connecticut from Ferryland. His father was James Williams (born 1846) and mother Catherine/Kathryn Morgan. My husband is a photographer and photos mean so much to him!

Thanks in advance.

Hello all! My name is Tanya, and I'm currently trying to uncover both my mother and my father's family history. Currently I'm searching through records for Howlett, Sears, Henderson, and Noseworthy. I look forward to chatting with you all!
Trying to find he birthplace of a great grandfather
To anyone who can help:

My great grandfather, James Hoke, is buried in Joe Batt's Arm Roman Catholic Cemetery. The records there indicate that he lived from 1850 to 1904. My question is where was he born and how do I find out, e.g. sources for records, etc.

In the family, there is a story that he came over from England or Ireland. If he was not born in Newfoundland/Labrador, I would then shift my focus to trying to find the fishing schooner on which he sailed, port of...
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Hi from Florida
Hello and thank you for accepting my registration request.
I am doing family research of my maternal grandmother's side of the family. She was Anna Josephine Gushue, daughter of Charles and Gushue and Mary Whelan, born in Bacon Cove. There are so many Gushue's I am having a hard time verifying her siblings.
I enjoy browsing Grand Banks and learning about Newfoundland.
Living in Florida, I often look at pictures of Newfoundland and wish I was there, feeling the cool ocean wind,...
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