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Bacon Cove Information

1864 Hutchinson's DirectoryBacon Cove/Cat's Cove
1871 Lovell's DirectoryBacon Cove
1877 Rochfort's DirectoryBacon Cove/Cat's Cove
1894-97 McAlpine's DirectoryBacon Cove
1898 McAlpine's DirectoryBacon Cove
1904 McAlpine's DirctoryBacon Cove
1921 CensusBacon Cove
1935 Newfoundland DirectoryBacon Cove
Basicilia Parish Records with mentions of Bacon Cove Bacon Cove
Transcriptions of cemeteries located in Bacon CoveBacon Cove
Information and History of Churches located in Bacon CoveBacon Cove
How to Contact Churches in Bacon CoveBacon Cove
Community Surnames of Bacon CoveBacon Cove
Encyclopedia of Newfoundland Community DescriptionBacon Cove
Historical Articles on Bacon Cove Bacon Cove
Parish Records for Churches in Bacon Cove Bacon Cove
Plantation Books showing Bacon Cove entriesBacon Cove
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