Version 1.0

The following is an index of Newfoundland and Labrador Community Names (both past and present),
where people live or were known to have lived. It is based on an extraction of information
consisting of "Current Name, Status, Latitude and Longitude" that originates from the
Surveys & Mapping Division of the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador,
and is reproduced here with permission. The extaction "Original Base"
information would be those lines where the "Status" is indicated as
Official, Recinded, or Vac/Seas (i.e. Vacated/Seasonal).

Other additional lines of data have also been included, as identified from the 1921, 1935,
and 1945 Census documents. In such cases, the districts, in which they were recorded,
are also included. Where original base information could be matched with census
infomation, the districts are also given there as well.

The "S" columns indicate the source of the information. B for original Base information,
C for Census documents, and P for Personal knowledge. Where a community
has been incorporated into another, the new incorporated name is given,
in brackets, below the current name.

In some cases, you will encounter highlighted text. These are links to additional windows of information.
It is very important to remember to close the new window after viewing. Otherwise it will become
hidden behind the main window and additional window links will not be able to be opened.

The second phase of this project will incorporate previous known names of these communities.

All rights reserved.