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Newfoundland's Grand Banks does not have any ability to provide individual research for people. The NGB site is run by a small group of volunteers, the amount of work required to research information for individuals would require much more time than we have available. Requests for information on families, or specific people, should be posted on the message board. There are hundreds of active members on the message board, and there is a much greater possibility of finding the information you are looking for if it is posted there. We strive to post all of our information as it was written on the original page as accurately as possible.

Numerous factors can affect the outcome of the transcribing process, with the main issue being legibility of the enumeratorís handwriting. If you feel there is an error in the information we have posted please let us know. If we have the original pages we can verify the information. If the posted information does not match the original page it will be corrected. For all other issues we can add notes to the page to clarify the information for other researchers.

*** Once again, we are unable to respond to individual requests for information not already available on the site!

*** Thanks for taking the time to contact us; your feedback is very important to us. The NGB Team