Newfoundland's Grand Banks

1702 and 1708 census, Trinity Harbour

The following census information was copied, with permission, from "The Newfoundland Ancestor" Volume 10, Number 3/4 p82-83. All spellings and information listed is exactly as it was in the article.

Census of 1702 (Stowe Mss. 464 British Museum) "A Computation of y'e inhabitants and Sev'ts Winter and Summer belongings to Trinity Harbour, for ye year 1702"

Wm Taverner614
Wm Harvey212
Jac Taverner26
Jn'o Daviss210
Jn'o Jefford612
Abr'm Jefford718

Census of 1708 (CO194/4. p258) "List of Inhabitants Names the No. of Their Families, 1708"

Thomas Foulks  41
Wm. Harvey1392
Roger Barbuome1231
Philip Sweet1 21
Jonathan Thaine  41
John Davis1 41
Jacob Traverner  41
Wm. Martin  31

Contributor: Michael Cooper

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