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McAlpine's 1898 Directory
Placentia and St. Mary's District
BORN Rev Wm roman catholic
BRENNAN James constable
BRIEN John, sr fisherman
BRIEN Patrick fisherman
BRIEN Thomas 1st fisherman
BRIEN Robert fisherman
BRIEN Thomas, 2nd fisherman
BRIEN John, jr fisherman
BRIEN Thomas, 3rd fisherman
BULGER Joseph fisherman
BULGER John fisherman
BULGER James fisherman
BUTLER James fisherman
CAREY Robert H physician
CORRIGAN Matthew farmer
CORRIGAN Michael farmer
CULLETON James fisherman
CURTIS Henry fisherman
CURTIS Isaac fisherman
CURTIS George fisherman
CURTIS John shoreman
CURTIS John M fisherman
CURTIS Patrick carpenter
DEEGAN James farmer
DEEGAN Thomas fisherman
DEVEREAUX Richard fisherman
DEVEREAUX Laurence fisherman
DEVEREAUX John fisherman
DEVEREAUX Wm gentleman
DUNOHY Laurence fisherman
FEWER Henry fisherman
FEWER James fisherman
FITZGERALD Patrick fisherman
FITZGERALD John fisherman
FITZGERALD Wm fisherman
FITZGERALD Denis fisherman
FITZGERALD Maurice fisherman
FOLLETT Isaac fisherman
FOLLETT Wm fisherman
HACKETT Thomas fisherman
HACKETT Wm fisherman
HACKETT Patrick fisherman
HACKETT Laurence fisherman
HACKETT James fisherman
HACKETT Edward fisherman
HALLERAN Thomas fisherman
HALLERAN Laurence fisherman
HALLERAN Rose, wid Patk 
HEWETT Wm shoreman
HEWETT Samuel fisherman
HEWETT Joseph fisherman
HEWETT James shoreman
HEWETT Joseph fisherman
HEWETT John fisherman
HEWETT James fisherman
HEWETT Joseph fisherman
HEWETT Jane, wid Joseph 
KEARNEY Daniel fisherman
KENNEDY Wm fisherman
KENNEDY John fisherman
KIELY Joseph teacher
MacNEIL Patrick shoreman
MacNEIL Peter fisherman
MacNEIL John fisherman
MacNEIL Henry fisherman
MARTIN Edward fisherman
MARTIN John fisherman
MARTIN Cornelius fisherman
MOLLOY Michael fisherman
MOLLOY Thomas fisherman
MOLLOY Edward fisherman
MOLLOY Jeremiah fisherman
MOLLOY Peter fisherman
MOLLOY Edward fisherman
MOLLOY Thomas farmer
MOLLOY Laurence fisherman
MOLLOY Mary, wid Patk 
MOORES Thomas fisherman
MURPHY James L tel operator
NEIL Richard fisherman
NEIL Michael fisherman
RYAN Thomas fisherman
RYAN Denis fisherman
STEVENSON Elizabeth, wid Alexander post mistress
SIMMS Augustus pensioner
St CROIX Jos fisherman
SUTTON Wm, sr carpenter
SUTTON Geo, sr shoreman
SUTTON Richard, sr fisherman
SUTTON Thos, sr genl dealer
SUTTON Michael fisherman
SUTTON John fisherman
SUTTON Wm, jr fisherman
SUTTON Alfred fisherman
SUTTON Thos, jr fisherman
SUTTON Michael, jr fisherman
SUTTON Geo, jr fisherman
SUTTON John fisherman
SUTTON Thos farmer
SUTTON John fisherman
SUTTON Geo fisherman
SUTTON Geo fisherman
SUTTON Richard, jr fisherman
TOBIN Richard fisherman
TOBIN Thos fisherman
TOBIN Patk fisherman
TOBIN Michael fisherman
WALSH John fisherman
WALSH Frederick carpenter
WALSH Jas fisherman

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The entries have been transcribed as
they appear in the 1898 directory.
Over the years, many of the names have become
colloquialized or spelled differently.

This page transcribed by Vera short-Cheeseman )

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