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Cemetery Records
Small Cemetery near Weybridge



Small Cemetery near Weybridge 

James & Ella George
Spragg George
Lawrence George
Noah George
Edmund J. George
Eloil P. George

Cemetery at Weybridge across from Bill Adey
Robert Reid d.02-13-1961 age 55
Martha Reid d.03-08-1899 age 63
Lawrence C. or G. Reid (Tryphie) d.08-22-1935(snowcovered)
Kesson Reid d.08-18-1956 age 75
Annie B. Reid 1895-1965

William J. Adey d.11-09-1941 age 87
wife Elizabeth d.07-13-1943 age 88
mother Mary Adey d.03-1911 age 81
Sarah S. Janet 
Amy May
Clara Belle
Florence M.
Harold Roland
Sarah Janet children of William and Elizabeth Adey
Gilbert J. Churchill 1885-1958
M.Jane Churchill 1883-1978
William, Selina, Merrill and Clara Rogers???
Gertrude Rona Bridger 1942-1991
Reuben Adey 1881-1968 
wife Mary 1886-1988
Mabel (Reuben & Mary Adey) 1925-1927
Robert Wilbert (Attwood & Deborah Adey) d.03-08-1949 age 13-4
Deborah Adey 1898-1991
Charles Attwood Adey 1899-1973
Jacob and Mary Louise Baker
William Miller
Joshua Pond
Chesley Robert Harnum
Elizabeth Miller
William Miller
Mary(George Goobie) d.11-02-1918 age 44
Watson Bowering 1911-1988
Rosa 1914-
Alice Elsie (William H.& Martha Gulliford)d.11-26-1905 age 19mos
Kate Nora Alice(Wm. H. & Martha Gulliford)d.04-19-1915 age 8-9mos
Martha T. (W.H.Gulliford) d.03-09-1932 age 59
Willis H. Gulliford d.06-20-1954 age 84 
William Gulliford d.11-05-1906 age 79 1/2 yrs
Mary (William)
William (Mary)d.05-18-1911 age 90
Jacob Adey 1859-1928 



Provided by the late Gerry Balsom of Clarenville.
Posted: Oct 25,1999

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