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Newfoundland 1911 Census
Bonavista Bay District

Section: From Rosedale (Exclusive) to
Lockyer's Bay (Exclusive)

Name of Enumerator: W. F. StaresResiding at Brooklyn, B.B.
(Last birthday)
HOYLES Peter Gambo 40 Methodist
HOYLES Clara Gambo 30 Methodist
WAY Pearl Gambo 11 Methodist
WAY Fanny Gambo 9 Methodist
HOYLES John Gambo 10 Methodist
HOYLES Wilfred Gambo 8 Methodist
HOYLES Ephriam Gambo 7 Methodist
HOYLES Stanley Gambo 2 Methodist
HUNT Frederick Gambo 29 Methodist
HUNT Emma Gambo 23 Methodist
HUNT James Gambo 2 Methodist
HUNT Wilfred Gambo 1 Methodist
HUNT Kenneth Gambo 18 Methodist
FORCEY Thomas Gambo 57 Methodist
FORCEY James Gambo 52 Church of England
FORCEY Charles Gambo 21 Church of England
FORCEY George Gambo 18 Church of England
FORCEY May Gambo 27 Methodist
FORCEY Bertha Gambo 23 Church of England
FORCEY Olive Gambo 20 Methodist
FORCEY Bernard Gambo 15 Church of England
FORCEY John Gambo 10 Church of England
OSMOND William Gambo 34 Methodist
OSMOND Annie Gambo 34 Methodist
OSMOND Herim Gambo 8 Methodist
OSMOND Otto Gambo 6 Methodist
OSMOND Cathleen Gambo 4 Methodist
OSMOND Jessie Gambo 2 Methodist
OSMOND Simeon Gambo 71 Methodist
GOLDING Benjamin Gambo 45 Methodist
GOLDING Patence Gambo 41 Methodist
GOLDING Annie Gambo 10 Methodist
GOLDING Claude Gambo 6 Methodist
GOLDING William Gambo 4 Methodist
GOLDING Rosie Gambo 2 Methodist
GOLDING Ellen Gambo 44 Methodist
GOLDING Alfred Gambo 22 Methodist
GOLDING Abram Gambo 21 Methodist
GOLDING James Gambo 20 Methodist
GOLDING Sylvester Gambo 17 Methodist
GOLDING William Gambo 8 Methodist
GIBBONS Mark Gambo 52 Methodist
GIBBONS Fanny Gambo 46 Church of England
GIBBONS Joseph Gambo 21 Methodist
GIBBONS Mabel Gambo 18 Methodist
GIBBONS Belle Gambo 16 Methodist
GIBBONS Gladys Gambo 10 Methodist
GIBBONS Fanny Gambo 7 Methodist
HOLLOWAY William Gambo 27 Church of England
HOLLOWAY Lucy Gambo 26 Church of England
HOLLOWAY Thomas Gambo 6 Church of England
HOLLOWAY Robert Gambo 3 Church of England
HOLLOWAY John Gambo 2 months Church of England

Contributed & Transcribed by Wanda Garrett (March 2013)

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