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Community Postmasters
PAGE 59    
Jackson's Cove Twillingate Henry Knight
Jersey Side Placentia John Bradshaw
Joe Bat's Arm Fogo Thomas Deady
Keels Bonavista Edward Penny
Kelligrews Harbor Main William Tilley
Kilbride St. John's Edward Norris
King's Cove Bonavista Patrick Murphy
Ladle Cove Fogo Abraham Tulk
Lally Cove Fortune Stephen Gould
Lamaline Burin James Pitman
Lance Cove Trinity A.J. Brown
Lance Cove, Belle Isle St. John's East William Clements
La Poile Burgeo Thomas Mauger
La Poile, Great Harbor Burgeo and La Poile Francis Read
Lark Harbor St. George Isaac Sheppard
La Scie St. Barbe D.P. Duggan
Lawn Burin Mrs. Susan Fitzpatrick
Leading Tickles Twillingate Phoebe Alcock
Lee Bight Trinity Isaac Adey
Little Bay Twillingate Richard D. Walsh
Little Bay East Fortune Susan Thornhill
Little Bay Island Twillingate John Campbell
Little Beaver Cove Fogo Thomas Elliott
Little Codroy River St. George Alexander McIsaacs
Little Placentia Placentia and St. Mary's Alexnader Burke
Lord's Cove Burin Thomas Isaac
Lower English Harbor Fortune Miss A. Hackett
Lower Island Cove Bay-de-Verds George Cooper
Manuel's Harbor Main Mrs. Sarah Kearney
Marystown Burin James Gover
Merasheen Placentia and St. Mary's Mary Hennessey
Mobile Ferryland Daniel Fitzgerald
Morton's Harbor Twillingate Mark Osmond
Mose Ambrose Fortune Bessie Yarn
Mosquito Carbonear Widow Walsh
Musgrave Harbor Fogo John B. Wheeler
Musgrave Town Bonavista Amy Brown
New Bay Twillingate Peter Moore
New Harbor Trinity Thomas Newhook
Newman's Cove Bonavista Gilbert Tilley
New Perlican Trinity Francis Howell
Nipper's Harbor Twillingate S.J. Blackler
Northern Arm Harbor Main Catherine Woodford
PAGE 60    
Northern Bay Bay-de-Verds Mary Hogan
Northern Bight Trinity Edward Benson
North River Port-de-Grave John Brian
North West Arm Twillingate Frederick Martin
Ochre Pit Cove Bay-de-Verds Bridget Perfect
Oderin Placentia and St. Mary's Mary Maddocks
Old Perlican Bay-de-Verds George Tuff
Open Hall Bonavista George Shears
Paradise Placentia and St. Mary's Patrick Haley
Pass Island Fortune William Strickland
Peddleton Harbor Grace Francis Peddle
Perry's Cove Bay-de-Verds Rachael Kellaway
Petites Burgeo and La Poile Jas. M. Arnold
Petty Harbor St. John's West Jacob Bishop
Pilley's Island Twillingate F.W. Andrews
Placentia Placentia and St. Mary's Emma Bradshaw
Plate Cove Bonavista John Cheevers
Pool's Cove Fortune Henrietta Cross
Pool's Island Bonavista ....
Port-de-Grave Port-de-Grave James B. Butler
Portugal Cove St. John's East Martin Bolger
Pouch Cove St. John's East John Easterbrook
Presque Placentia and St. Mary's S.L. Sullivan
Pushthrough Fortune Henry Camp
Rameo(sic) Burgeo and La Poile William Collins
Ram's Island Placentia and St. Mary's David Fitzpatrick
Red Island Placentia and St. Mary's Elizabeth Dunphy
Rencontre Fortune Catherine Giovanni
Rencontre Burgeo and La Poile Joseph Earle
Renews Ferryland Margaret Jackman
Riverhead Harbor Grace John Coady
Riverhead, St. Mary's Placentia and St. Mary's Edward Lee
Robinson's Bight Trinity Job Pilley
Robinson's Head St. George Thomas W. Evans
Rose Blanche Burgeo and La Poile Richard Furneaux
Russell's Cove Trinity Stephen Durdell
Sagona Fortune Stephen Snooks
Saint Ann's Harbor Main Ann Denief
St. Anthony St. Barbe Joseph Moore
St. Bride's Placentia and St. Mary's James E. Conway
St. George's St. George Charles R. Bishop
St. Jacques Fortune Mrs. Julia Snelgrove
St. John's City St. John's J.O. Fraser, P.M.G.
St. John's City Central St. John's Mrs. Rouse
St. John's City Garrison Hill St. John's Miss Delaney
St. John's City King's Bridge St. John's Richard Hayes
St. John's City Riverhead St. John's Henry Collis
St. John's City South Side St. John's Leah Taylor
PAGE 61    
St. Lawrence Fortune M. Vavasseur
St. Mary's Placentia and St. Mary's Patrick Walsh
Salmon Cove, Gaster's Harbor Main Edward Kennedy
Salmon Cove Port-de-Grave William Hussey
Salmon Cove Trinity Frederick Gabriel
Salmonier Placentia and St. Mary's Mrs. Carew
Salmonier South Placentia and St. Mary's Bridget Cormack
Salvage Bonavista James Burden
Scilly Cove Trinity Jacob Hiscock
Seal Cove Bonavista George Prince
Seal Cove Harbor Main .... Morgan
Seal Cove Trinity Jesse Buckler
Seldom-Come-Bye Fogo P. Newell
Ship Cove Trinity Mrs. Randall
Shoal Bay Trinity Elias Jerritt
Shoal Harbor Trinity James S. Butler
Shoe Cove Twillingate George Morgan
Sound Island Placentia and St. Mary's Philip Brown
South Side, Har. Grace Harbor Grace Arch. Noseworthy
S. Side, Bay St. George St. George Annie Morris
Snook's Harbor Trinity William Smith
Spaniard's Bay Harbor Grace Leah Earle
Spoon Cove Burin George M. Goddard
Stephenville St. George Joseph McLellan
Stock Cove Bonavista Catherine Hynes
Summerside St. George Thomas Carter
Swain's Island Bonavista George Hann
Sweet Bay Bonavista Mark Walker
Thoroughfare Trinity Thomas Mills
Three Arms Twillingate J.B. Wells
Tickle Cove Bonavista Adam Skiffington
Tilt Cove Twillingate William Cunningham
Tilton Harbor Grace Stephen Gosse
Tilton Harbor Fogo Martha Dwyer
Tizzard's Harbor Twillingate Joseph Osmond
Toad's Cove Ferryland Catherine Driscoll
Topsail Harbor Main Joseph Moyse
Torbay St. John's East Margaret Goss
Trepassey Placentia and St. Mary's James L. Murphy
Trinity Trinity Mary R. Buchanan
Trinity East Trinity Reginald Mills
Trouty Trinity Frederick Gover
Troytown Bonavista ....
Twillingate Twillingate Josiah Colborne
Twillingate South Twillingate ....
Upper Small Point Bay-de-Verds Grace Hayden
Valen Island Placentia and St. Mary's Lucretia Lockyer
Victoria Village Carbonear Sarah Powell
PAGE 62    
West'n Arm, Rocky Bay Fogo Matilda Parsons
Western Bay Bay-de-Verds Jane Kennedy
Western Cove St. Barbe William Rice
West Point, La Poile Burgeo and La Poile Peter McDermot
Whitbourne Harbor Grace Miss Spracklin
White Rocks Trinity Aaron Stone
Witless Bay Ferryland James Shanahan
Woody Island Placentia and St. Mary's James B. Williams

Transcribed by: Devon Griffin (2011)

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