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Community Postmasters
PAGE 56    
Adam's Cove Bay-de-Verds John Evans
Amherst Cove Bonavista Thomas Ford
Anchor Point St. Barbe William Genge
Anderson's Cove Fortune James Thornhill
Aquaforte Ferryland Peter Winsor
Baine Harbor Placentia and St. Mary's Eli Gardner
Bald Nap Trinity William Gulliford
Bareneed Port-de-Grave George F. Payne
Barons Island Placentia and St. Mary's Eliza Shea
Bauline St. John's Jemima King
Bay Bulls Ferryland Martin Burke
Bay-de-Verds Bay-de-Verds Stephen Blundon
Bay L'Argent Fortune Harriet Grandy
Bay of Islands St. George William H. Bagg
Bay Roberts Harbor Grace Hector Fraser
Beau Bois Burin George Dober
Belle Isle St. John's Matthew Jackman
Belleoram Fortune Julia Cluett
Benoit's Cove St. George James S. Evitt
Birchy Head St. Barbe Henry Halfyard
Bird Island Cove Bonavista Arthur Tilley
Bishop's Cove Harbor Grace Herbert Barrett
Blackhead Bay-de-Verds John C. Moores
Black River Placentia and St. Mary's A.M. Blackadar
Bonaventure Trinity William Field
Bonavista Bonavista ....
Bonne Bay St. Barbe John R. Roberts
Boot Harbor Twillingate Frederick Thistle
Boxey Fortune Clara N. Vallis
Branch Placentia and St. Mary's John W. English
Brent's Cove St. Barbe John Carroll
Brigus Port-de-Grave Sarah Steutaford
Britannia Cove Trinity Pierce Currie
British Harbor Trinity Arthur Gardener
Broad Cove Bay-de-Verds Jabez LeGrow
Broad Cove Bonavista Patrick Lawton
Broad Cove St. John's David Tucker
Broad Cove, Smith's Sd. Trinity James Pilley
Brooklyn Bonavista M.D. Stares
Brunnette Fortune Ambrose Thornhill
Burgeo Burgeo and La Poile John C. Cunningham
Burgeo Placentia and St. Mary's James Chambers
Burin Burin Thomas Winter
Burnt Bay Twillingate Nathaniel Turner
PAGE 57    
Burnt Island Bonavista Garret Kelly
Burnt Islands Burgeo and La Poile Philip H. Brock
Burnt Point Bay-de-Verds Thomas Tucker
Cape Broyle Ferryland Martin Cashin
Cape Freels Bonavista William Hann
Cape La Hune Burgeo and La Poile Robert Keeping
Cape Norman St. Barbe John Brewer
Caplin Bay Ferryland William Johnson
Caplin Cove Bay-de-Verds Caroline Garland
Carbonear Carbonear Tryphena Nicholl
Catalina Trinity Cecilia Martin
Cat Harbor Fogo Henry Robins
Cat's Cove Harbor Main Thomas O'Brien
Change Islands Fogo Justinian Dowell
Channel Burgeo and La Poile Nathan Smith
Clarke's Beach Port-de-Grave William Newell
Clode Sound Bonavista Weston Spracklin
Coachman's Cove St. Barbe William Breen
Codroy St. George John Gillis
Coley's Point Harbor Grace Mary A. French
Colliers Harbor Main John Cole
Collier's Bay Cove Trinity Uriah Thorne
Conception Harbor Harbor Main Johanna Toole
Conche St. Barbe Kate Dower
Connaigre Fortune Sarah Harris
Coomb's Cove Fortune Margaret Fiander
Cottell's Island Bonavista Daniel Turner
Cow Head St. Barbe John Payn, jr.
Crabb's Brook St. George Mrs. J. Pike
Cupid's Port-de-Grave Moses LeDrew
Dildo Trinity Albert Smith
Elliott's Cove Trinity Aaron Smith
Englee St. Barbe Charles Hopkins
English Harbor West Fortune William Evans
English Harbor Trinity Henry G. Batston
Exploits Twillingate Thomas Winsor
Fair Islands Bonavista James Brown
Fermeuse, North Side Ferryland William Trainor
Fermeuse, South Side Ferryland John O'Shaughnessy
Ferryland Ferryland John Morry
Flat Islands Bonavista Mrs. Han. Sampson
Flat Islands Burin Henry W. Crann
Flat Rock St. John's James Burke
Flower's Cove St. Barbe Richard Norman
Fogo Fogo James Fitzgerald
Fortune Burin John E. Lake
Fortune Harbor Twillingate Richard Hamilton
Fox Cove Fortune Miss Alice Hearne
PAGE 58    
Fox Harbor Trinity Eliza Seward
Fox Harbor Placentia and St. Mary's Mrs. Bridget Duke
Freshwater Road St. John's A. Du Bordieu
Freshwater Bay-de-Verds William S. Davis
Gambo Bonavista Simeon Osmond
Gander Bay Fogo John Bursey
Gargamelle St. Barbe William Langdon
Garnish Fortune Sabina Grandy
Gaultois Fortune Richard Bradshaw
George's Brook Trinity Charles Pelley
Georgetown, C.B. Port-de-Grave George Chalker
Glover Town Bonavista Elijah Burry
Gooseberry Island Bonavista Ambrose Jeans
Goulds St. John's West Eml. Chafe
Grand Bank Burin George R. Forsey
Grand River Gut St. George John Rolls
Grate's Cove Bay-de-Verds William Meadus
Gravels St. George Mrs. Julia McDonald
Great Burin Burin Benjamin Hollett
Great Codroy St. George James Downey
Green's Harbor Trinity Hezekiah Burt
Greenspond Bonavista William Lang
Grey Island St. Barbe James Breen
Griguet St. Barbe William Alcock
Grole Fortune John T. Jackman
Hall's Bay Twillingate M. Curtis
Hant's Harbor Trinity Jane A. Sealey
Happy Adventure Bonavista James Handcock
Harbor Britain Fortune Tryphena Birkett
Harbor Buffett Placentia and St. Mary's Thomas E. Collett
Harbor Grace Harbor Grace A. T. Drysdale
Harbor Grace Junction Harbor Grace Miss Spracklin
Harbor Main Harbor Main Johanna Ezekiel
Harbor Mille Fortune Edwin G. Collis
Harry's Harbor Twillingate Robert Upward
Hatchet Cove Trinity Eliab Robbins
Hauling Point St. Barbe James Y. Sparks
Haystack Placentia and St. Mary's William Coffin
Head of Fortune Bay Fortune Abigail Miles
Heart's Content Trinity George Moore
Heart's Delight Trinity Samuel Humphries
Heart's Desire Trinity Miss Fanny Clark
Hermitage Cove Fortune Martha Francis
Herring Neck Twillingate Emily Miles
Hickman's Harbor Trinity Joseph Pilley
Hodge's Cove Trinity James Drover
Holyrood Harbor Main Ellen Veitch
Holyrood, St. Mary's Placentia and St. Mary's Daniel St. Croix
PAGE 59    
Indian Arm Bonavista Edward Humby
Indian Islands Fogo Mrs. Elizabeth Collins
Inner Island Bonavista Moses Davis
Ireland's Eye Trinity Thomas Cooper
Island Cove Harbor Grace John Crane

Transcribed by: Devon Griffin (2011)

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